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blark rated a game 4 days ago
ColBosch rated a game 9 days ago
Javier M. Vadillo rated a Troika! background 33 days ago
A downloadable Troika! background.
A downloadable game.
2 new uploads:
MadDemiurgicCartographer.txt 1 kB
Mad Demiurgic Cartographer.pdf 9 MB
Sivad's Sanctum rated a background 54 days ago
taichara rated a Troika! Background 54 days ago
Chris Bissette rated a Troika! Background 114 days ago
A downloadable Troika! Background.

Troika! is great and my Traveller character died during character creation, and that was great two. This combines two great things and therefore is truly excellent.

66 stars out of 5, give me a way to exchange money for this.

A downloadable background.
A downloadable game.
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