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you are an OWL and you are here to solve CRIMES
an urban fantasy digital witchcraft background for Troika!
4 Character Backgrounds compatible with the Tabletop RPG Troika!
A Troika! Background Made w/ Machine Learning
A nautical Troika background, just in time for Halloween!
A Background for Troika!
A meta-dead Troika Background
A TroikaJam supplement made with minimal knowledge of the game.
A background for Troikia RPG
Troika Background for the #TroikaJam
A background for Troika.
A Malevitch inspired background for the Troika Background Jam
Michtims are small, adorable fairytale creatures
Play a strange, fickle god from a deep and mysterious forest realm.
Play TROIKA! as a claviger returned from the realm of death!
Battling bard-magi in a city of heavy vibes and hot music! A #TroikaJam background
Read the omens as the Augury, a background for Troika!
Role Playing
A background for the TroikaJam that is larger than life itself.
A Troika! Background for the reified
Siphon brains. Slither and stretch. Bring forth a fountain of leeches.
Role Playing
A Troika! background and dungeon generator for #TroikaJam
Created for #troikajam, this background brings some Halloween fun to your Troika game.
One Background Too Many - a Troika! background for the Troika Background Jam
Adorable mutant wolf-rat background for Troika!
A custom character background for the Troika! Background Jam
The moonlit meadows blossom, under the loving light of the Swan Moon.
A TROIKA! background
A somewhat literary background made for the Troika! backgrounds jam
For characters who have faded away...
​A fey themed TROIKA! character background.
A Troika! Background
Character Background For Troika!
A Troika! Background for Hard-Bitten Players
A Troika! background for un-adventurers not looking for everything
Troika Background
A new wuxia-flavored background for Troika!
You are the last of the Felinoid from Planet Dendera! Play as a cat person in Troika!
An unwise scavenger. For TROIKA!
A background for Troika!
A Troika! Background for the Troika Backgrounds Jam!
A background for Troika! in which you are an escaped painting.
A Troika Background for your Friends
The living embodiment of a distant democratic nation. A Troika! Background.
Doomed psychic warriors -- A background for #TroikaJam 2019.
This defeated player looking for revenge is a free background for Troika! RPG
You're a brain in a jar powered by distilled wizard brains. A #TroikaJam Background.
A calamity waiting to happen again. A background for Troika!
All hail the unknowable solar lord
Host of the parasitic deity, Curiosity. Starry Messenger to the hive mind.
A character background made for Troika
Basher, the train enthusiast, art coming soon
A wanderer with no arms, but boundless sadness and imagination.
A robed-figure hooks into Time itself, chanting an uncanny future. A #Troikajam background
#troika! #tabletop #rpg #dnd #fish #fin
A Troika background of plumbing the depths.
A Troika! background for those of us who like to forget some things and remember other things.
A background made for Troika!
An observant, opulent, character background
Anthropomorphic apocalyptic anarchic abyssal locust background for Troika!
This tiny ball of fur in a deadly golem suit is a free background for Troika!
A technologically advanced dinosaur background for Troika!
The Best Background for Troika!
A Background for Troika!
In the darkness we are all Dale.
A Background for Troika!
Role Playing