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Help me understand the color pallet restriction

A topic by TheCodeAnvil created Nov 26, 2020 Views: 77 Replies: 7
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The requirement says "You can have a maximum of 5 colors (shaders, lights, whatever are okay)"

Can you help me understand better what this means? I understand a pallet of 5 colors, but what are "shaders"?

Does shaders mean that any shade of any of the 5 chosen colors is ok?

Does "lights" refer to any light source?


Shaders means that you can modify the colors ingame, like for example when you use eagle vision in assassin’s creed. You can also use shaders for visual effects like explosions, water ripple, whatever. For example, iof you have blue water, but a shader adds dynamic white foam and dark blue depth, that still counts as one color.

Light can be anything, yeah, it doesn’t matter if it brightens or darkens a color, it still counts as one.

"Light can be anything, yeah, it doesn’t matter if it brightens or darkens a color, it still counts as one."

I am a little confused by this, do you mean that all the lights setup in my game have to be one of my palette colors? Can it be pure white so that it is just purely brightening the colors around it? Or do you mean lights can be any color we want regardless of palette?


Any color, I count light as a modifier, not a full-on color. But really, don’t sweat it, if you have a good idea just go for it, the rules are not 100% set in stone as long as you mostly adhere to them.

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So this means i cant get my 5 colors and their lighter and darker versions. if i use grey with a bit darker and lighter version it still counts as 3 colors. Or does it?


If you dynamically set the color to lighter/darker, it counts as one. If you go to your image editing program and recolor your image with a lighter color, that counts as a new color.


If I change the color of a texture in unity does it count? I am trying to make my background darker using the same texture as the foreground.


That’s okay