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angrynerdgirl updated a Dracula 45 days ago
A downloadable Dracula.
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Oops All Draculas 1.55.pdf 1 MB
Oops All Draculas Easy to Read.pdf 1 MB
Bardon updated a game 84 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
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Secession Cycles rated a supplement 91 days ago
A downloadable supplement.
A downloadable game for Windows.
Fenixsetta rated a adventure 135 days ago
A downloadable adventure.
Bardon updated a game 136 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
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A downloadable Dracula.
FlowerAntennas rated a adventure 156 days ago
A downloadable adventure.
A downloadable fantasy.
goldkirk rated a game 159 days ago
A downloadable game.

Came for the title, stayed for the shockingly good system. My friends and I lost our marbles over this one!

Got the game solely for how much I knew one specific friend would love it, and I wasn't disappointed. They loved it, we actually ALL went ham, and I was blown away by how solid and detailed this supplement actually is! 

If you like dracula, or math, or just adding chaos to your games, definitely try it out.

sharisad rated a survival scenario 170 days ago
A downloadable survival scenario.
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