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This Jam is inspired by one sentiment:

"Dracula is Public Domain, and you should put him in your games"

The main goal of this is to take one of your own games, or another game (bonus if its another indie (with support/permission)), an put dracula into it. What this means is up to you and could be anything from reskinning a game entirely, addings a "Dracula Playbook" or statting Dracula as a character patron, enemy or other aspect of the game.

Not one to stiffle creativity, if you have or want to bang out a unique game for the Dracula jam, you may do so, as well!

General Rules and Guidelines:

  • Both brand new games and previously released games are all welcome.
  • I encourage you to put a price on your work, if you are comfortable doing so. If you do, I would also encourage you to use Community Copies as an option to help those in need
  • Any games or content that encourages hate or bigotry have no place here and will be removed.
  • If you participate, tweet me at @basiliskonline and I'll boost ya!  
  • Use the hashtag #TheDracJam on twitter so we can find one another.
  • If you'd like to talk about your games with other people and brainstorm, you may do so at my discord server (its *mostly* a ghost town atm, even with a ton of people, but you are welcome to come and go as you please.)
  • Deadline extensions are on the table!


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    A survival scenario for the Cast Away RPG, powered by Carta.
    A two player tumbling tower game about keeping your cool
    A game about blood, mystery, and surviving immortality together
    A playbook for Masks: A New Generation. Play a cursed hero who is hunted due to the source of their powers
    An adventure for the Thirsty Sword Lesbians RPG
    save the world for utter destruction by demon invasion
    You installed the wrong DLC and now you must fight mathomagic dracula. Universal TTRPG DLC.
    A Playbook For Magitech Space Western
    slice of afterlife
    Dracula in Space! Vampires on a Starship!
    Magic, Mystery, and Mother-f**king Dracula
    Have you ever wanted to beat the shit out of Dracula? Well now you can!
    Dracula in the world of The Blood
    Is this the terrible supernatural revenge of the long-lost vertebrates?
    An extended (but suprisingly usable!) shitpost on the topic of "Dracula, but for Rainworld"
    He'll Bite those Goddamn Space Probes cuz He's fuckin' DRACULA, Man
    Rescue your girlfriend from the claws of Dracula
    A game about being undead but like, chill about it
    Solo card game where Dracula in the bat form, wants to fly through the city.
    An epistolary game of vampiric grudges for two players
    Dracula wants you to obey... what do YOU want?
    Work for Dracula as he sends you to battle cosmic horrors. A hack/restructuring of Liminal Horror
    A game about breaking up with Dracula
    A bloody fun beat them up where blood is everything from your health, currency and stamina!
    Play in browser
    A Spooky Expansion for DREAM STARS
    Desktop memory game. Discover similar pictures of vampires.
    Your ex-boyfriend is back in town, itching for a fight. Oh, and he's Dracula.
    Meet the undead lord of all vampires ... and wrestle him!
    an adventure for Satan, pay My Rent!
    A pair of stat blocks for d20-based games
    You were once a mortal human being, but you traded your natural death for an undeath of blood and night.
    Dracula, as expressed in We Are All Children
    An apocalypse world playbook drawing from everyone's favourite somewhat fictionalized Wallachian Vovoide
    A Game of Vampires, Memory, and Drinking
    You know about how Dracula can't come into your home unless you invite him? It's based in truth, but not like that.
    A feminist redux on the classic vampire theme.
    Dracula and his vicious bat form is recruited by Zeus
    A teenage vampire-hunting playset for My Dearest Colleague