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Looking For Group

A topic by noahrh5 created Oct 18, 2017 Views: 190 Replies: 9
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We can start a group, or I can join an existing one. I'm good at modeling.

I'm good at programming so lets team up if that's allowed :P

Hit me up on discord (OxKitsune#0319)

I think you removed me lmao

Need a composer?


I'm working on a 2D game in GML if anyone wants to join me. Have most of the game play there, but could use help with art/music/design. 

Hi Reign, I'd be happy to help in the music and sound department if possible.  


Sure. You have skype, discord or steam?

Have all three but am on Discord mostly.  

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Works for me. I think you can add me from my discord ID? #8331
I also have a server set up

Thank you for that. Getting some sleep for a bit and will join the server in the morning.