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Writer looking for group?

A topic by darlarosa created Jan 22, 2016 Views: 183 Replies: 1
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Hello, I'm Darlarosa and I'm a writer and very beginner program(CSS, but I am a fast learner) who has primarily been focused on developing games via Twine in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure stories for the last several months. Thus far I have put out one experimental project, while working on some larger more polished stories, but I would like to find a team of lovely people to maybe make a team. And if you're wondering I'm a black bisexual woman, currently doing freelance data entry and writing. I think it could be really fun to work with a team. I have one idea already and am open to working on others.

About my idea?

I would love to incorporate a mixture of lolita, punk, and rave aesthetic. I know it sounds random, but I thin candy and sugar embody lolita and I think it'd be neat to toy with not just actual candy, but sugary sweetness in different ways.

Well I recently have come up with a character for my more erotic writing named Cherise, but she isn't a character I want to keep in a purely erotic context because while she is sexual that doesn't mean she's not a well rounded gal!

Cherise is a bisexual lolita succubus in a world where humans and demons usually keep their distance. However, Cherise's casual girlfriend is performing at a Burning Man like festival and has invited Cherise's human boyfriend and bestie to tag along, leading to a road trip across unfriendly human territory with no access to the demonic magic that keeps Cherise calm and healthy.Her only solace is "rock sugar", a demonic candy that keeps her going, but that plenty of humans love for it's psychedelic properties. Between her beaus being not fully sure how they feel about each other, a dozen humans wanting demons to stay away from their town, and human friends who are a bit too interested in her candy Cherise is in for a wild ride and she just might have enough petticoats to get through it.

So I'm holding that idea off since I haven't found a group because it's too big and I'd want to do it in RPG maker.


Instead I'm still open to writing for other people.

But I'm working on a short little Choose Your Own Adventure and Romance game about a Princess, a queer fem knight (who for some reason looks like agent Peggy Carter from Captain America), and a kingdom full of sugar sweets. I'm so excited.