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Post Jam Winnitron Fixes

A topic by slyvr89 created Oct 04, 2018 Views: 65 Replies: 3
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Hi Everyone,

If there's anyone else like me that's trying to get their game to work in Winnitron post game jam, let me know!  I made my game in java with LibGDX.  Managed to get Winnitron configured and working on my own PC and running a couple of the unity games from the jam, but my game doesn't run for whatever reason.  Let me know if anyone else has been doing some research


I finally got it working.  I think it was an issue with the metadata file but no idea what.  If anyone needs help, I'd be glad to assist.


@slvr89 We were also having issues with our game running through the Winnitron software.  After loading Winnitron on my PC and remote debugging the game process, I found that some XML files that we were using to hold game properties could not be found because Winnitron was changing the application path to it's own folder.  I was able to update our code to use the launching assembly's (exe file) location to create an absolute path to those files and now it works great.


glad you all figured things out!