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It Begins. Sticky

A topic by dto created Apr 29, 2016 Views: 360 Replies: 6
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Hi everyone. Over 50 signups!

Why not introduce yourselves and perhaps say a bit about what you plan to do for the jam?

Don't be shy

I plan on learning Clojure. I've been jumping from language to language because of my passion for programming. I've been an avid reader of programming debates and have found myself confused for a while. I love all languages and have played with most of them, however I've only explored simple "Hello World" type programs. HTTP clients fall under the "Hello World" type apps I'm talking about. So, I get the core elements of programming (data types, functions, abstractions, loops ...), but have never finished a program from start to finish. It's like never finishing a painting, but starting many different paintings. I've also never had the chance to blog, but have always been meaning to do so. I might have a hard time learning Clojure, or I might pick it up with ease, but I'll be sure to blog about the experience!

Follow me on twitter, snapchat, and instagram: @coetry


I am a beginner and I will try my best to make my first Game ;-)


Hello. I will be making a roguelike-ish 2d action game called "inv8r" (pronounced "invader").

I will be re-using the basic game idea (and a small number of tiles and sound effects) from a previous old (2008) game project of mine.

However, all the code will be new, and last week I rewrote the design document so there are many revisions to the concept.

To program or not to program that is here thy question.


Let's see if I can bring myself to program me lazy basterd. A turn based strategy game, population/races as strategic core. Preferably playable solely with keyboard. Written in Common Lisp. I'm new to game programming (sound/graphics) I have no clue, I don't think I will finish this project. I will need to steal a lot from other people.

Jam Host

Hi everyone! I plan on writing a tiny vertical scrolling shoot-em-up game that is a minimal clone of Ikaruga's gameplay and style. I will be writing it in Guile Scheme using my game engine: Sly. As always during game jams, I have a lot of other real life stuff on my plate, so I've tried to limit the scope of this project as much as possible in order to have a chance of finishing within 10 days. I will be using a very low resolution (probably 120x160) and using audio assets from OpenGameArt. I'm going to attempt to do my own sprites.

I am the author of the SDL2 bindings for CHICKEN Scheme. Like I did with the January jam, I will be making a game as an example for how to use the library. I will be making a scrolling space shoot-em-up game. The gameplay will probably be quite simple, but with lots of enemies and bullets on screen so I can test the performance of the library.