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Snowfort SiegeView game page

a tiny turn based rogue-like about throwing snowballs and collecting bananas!
Submitted by Alec T (@alectroemel) — 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline
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The gameplay is funny and I loved the snowball's animations. The music is also nice, the Ui is simple and clean and the random generation really fit the game core mechanics.  One of the jam's best games without any doubt.


Fun concept


Really like the art style. I wanted to add procedurally generated levels to my game as well but I don't know how to do procedural generation yet, so I didn't. Did you just make a bunch of levels by hand and then pick a random one each time?


glad you liked the art! 

I'm thinking about writing a blog post describing the level generation in  detail, but the basics are:

1. use multiple passes of Perlin noise to generate the floor decoration

2. randomly generate the overall dungeon layout using the method described in this video. There's some logic to be able to set a max "depth" (basically number of rooms), and to make sure there are no doors going to nowhere.

3. Just like you guessed, fill out each room from a list of pre-made levels. Again certain layouts only work for certain doors. 

if you're not afraid of some lisp, here's the world generation code

hope that helps :)


Thanks a lot! I'm working on a roguelike dungeon crawler, so this video is going to help me a lot