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Screensaver Stats:

A topic by Lantana Games created Feb 02, 2016 Views: 164
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So now that we've had just over a week to share our screensavers with the world, I was curious what everyone's view/download stats look like. I'll start my sharing ours for the Children of Liberty Screensaver.


Views: 108
Downloads: 18

Surprisingly more popular than we thought it would be! Nice initial spike in the first half-week, but 2-3 views a day since then. Only a couple days with 0 downloads. Seems to be holding pretty much steady. We also got some nice coverage in this video, which was unexpected and awesome. However, the incoming visits do not prove whether or not that video had a direct correlation to the screensaver's popularity.


Not surprisingly, the majority of views came from the #screensaverjam page itself, the games/free games sections of itch, or recommended through other downloads. No visits from Youtube, Twitter, or really any external site besides one click from Facebook. Sadly no one so far has wanted to donate a dollar for the logoless version and desktop wallpaper pack. So it goes.


I'm very curious how everyone else's stats compare. Personally, 18 downloads seems okay for a niche piece of software, but I have nothing to compare that to. It seems like the views will continue at 2-3 a day for a while, with a download here and there.