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Likes/Dislikes about this theme

A topic by TheUnproPro created May 08, 2018 Views: 187 Replies: 7
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What are your likes/dislikes of this theme (Detective)?

creative af, i like a style of games that arent just the usual fantasy or shitpost.

Jam Host

Pretty restricting for a first jam theme. Other than that, good choice.

Could work pretty nicely. For future topics I would recommend choosing something that, by the topic's nature, requires participants to use unique assets. That way we won't end up with as many RTP stock games as there will probably be with this theme. Something that doesn't really work well with RTP so people are less inclined to use it instead of making their own unique stuff.  Detective is a nice step in that direction, but could still be done pretty easily with unchanged assets.

Though it's also entirely possible that nearly every game submitted for this theme won't be RTP, in which case this is a completely and utterly useless comment. I guess we'll just have to see.

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Unique and interesting

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too difficult, as my first jam i could't manage my time correctly ,pretty creative (sorry for bad english tho)


A little new to me, and that is good.

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I am having trouble submitting my game to the jam.

edit: Never mind that comment, I figured it out.