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[Dev Log] Unnamed multiplayer point & click

A topic by Citizen Of Mêlée created Aug 20, 2017 Views: 323 Replies: 2
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Weekend 1

I've decided to make a multiplayer point & click adventure game. It will be set in an alien escape game themed on present day Earth. I'm still playing around with specifics of the theme but it will have some connection to "Spectrum" though it may be a bit weak :p

jimmylang will be drawing backgrounds for the game, Zushi may be contributing in some way depending on their commitment to another game. If anyone is interested in helping out with this game, get in touch (@MeleeCitizen on twitter, Citizen Of Mêlée#8505 on Discord).

For the first week my goal is to build up the engine, and I'll use the second week to write the scripts and build the puzzles. For the time being I'm using a mix of monkey island assets and scribbles to test the engine as I build it.  The engine is written in Javascript on the client, with phaser for rendering, and Django with django-channels on the server. It's hosted on Heroku. The latest version can be played at (though there's not much to play currently).

So far the engine supports multiple users walking around the world, multiple layers (so players can walk behind things), pathfinding, multiple rooms with doors between them, and chat (by pressing space).

Tomorrow I hope to add items that can be picked up and dropped, and maybe the ability to look at things.



You can now pick up and use items, and look at things by right clicking. Different users also have different coloured text to help differentiate them.

Tomorrow I hope to get a dialogue system working.



I allowed people to give items to each other, fixed a bug where it would often say "I can't reach that" when interacting with things, started on colour filtering for a feature I'll talk about another day, and implemented the start of the dialogue system. The game now knows what you're allowed to say, both on an individual and group level - it presents a simple interface and you can tell it what you want to say - but I haven't made it actually play out the conversations yet.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the dialogue system and implement items that bring external elements into the game (e.g. books that can be read, little individual puzzles, etc.).