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A topic by Steven Taarland created Aug 15, 2016 Views: 777
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Why is the Jam 16 Days?

We wanted to create a relaxed and open jam that could fit into people's schedules, so we aimed for two weeks and three weekends, to allow plenty of potential free time for participants to do work. (also, "RainbowJam16" - total coincidence!)

Do we I Have to be Scottish/LGBTQ+/In The Industry/Tentacle Monster to participate?

Nope! The game jam is open to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE! No matter what your background, whether you are a student, indie developer, AAA, hobbyist, just starting, Journo, Artist, Writer, Pokemon Trainer, ANYTHING, you are more than welcome to participate!

Will there be prizes?

YES! There will be Team prizes and Individual prizes. More info on that soon!

Will there be a theme?

Yes! Theme information will be announced soon!

Do I have to stick to theme?

No! The theme is just a suggestion to help guide development. You may use it to help inform your game design and mechanics. Please note that some judges may judge based on your games link to the theme, but this is down to personal preference from that party.

Can I Work Alone/In a team?

Yes/Yes! You may work however you like! Just be sure to only post the game once on

Is there a team size limit?

Unfortunately yes, we have a max team size of 4. Teams greater than 4 can still enter but prize limits may be enforced.

Can I enter a game I previously made?

No. For fairness to all participants previously developed titles will not be accepted. Games must be produced within the game jam period.

Can I use my own existing art/audio/code/engine?

Yes, within reason. We want new games created for the game jam, so using assets from a previous game slightly defeats the purpose.

Do I own the rights to my game?

Of course. We may ask permission to use your game / art in promoting the game jam in the future.

I can't submit my game on time, can i submit late?

Yes! Upload your game to and email with the subject LATE SUBMISSION and a link to the game.

Anything Else?

Email or message on twitter (@steventaarland / @scotrainbowdev), or post here!