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Team Finding Thread! Sticky

A topic by Steven Taarland created Aug 15, 2016 Views: 770 Replies: 11
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Looking for a team? Post your ideas / discipline / previous work here, and contact people you would like to make a game with :D

Looking for someone to partner up with i know unity pretty decently.

Hi Ramish, i am david, a Junior 3d artist and i am available to help you, i am looking for a team. Can we talk in private? :)

Sure throw me an email at

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Hi guys got myself (game design) and a audio guy looking to get a programmer and artist for the game jam, got experience in mostly unity but a little unreal as well.

Hi there i have some basic unity experience maybe we could team up.


hey Ramish, yeah i m intrested in teaming up ! Where abouts are you based ? If u wanna chat more feel free to send us an email at

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Hey everybody! Programmer here looking for a UK based team. Done work with VR (Oculus DK2), mobile and general Gameplay. Some of my work is at Feel free to give me a shout if you need some programming done!

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Hey people :D
My name's Rob and I'm a sound designer looking for teams to help out. Based in Edinbrugh, UK and I've worked on quite a few projects and I'm looking to have some fun with this jam. If you need some awesome sounds to throw into your game please gimme a shout! :P



Hi Rob! A couple of us from Abertay uni are looking for an audio master to jam with. Get in touch if your interested in joining up! Pop me an email:

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emailed you!

Hi people!!

My name is KaTo i'm gamedesigner plus programmer and artist from Brazil, I have some projects on my website to see my competence.
I am looking for songdesigners to participate in this GameJam, I had no game idea I'm waiting for the theme, but there are great chances to do something with cyberpunk theme or style Thats dragon cancer.


Deleted 4 years ago

hey, I am an audio designer/composer from Dundee and would be very interested, been working on cyber punk all year! :)


Coming in a bit late but this looks hella fun! Any teams still looking for artists? I'm a 2D artist able to work in a whole bunch of styles and also animate. Located in Dundee but open to the idea of a remote team. I prefer 2D work but can swing some 3D stuff. Check out my portfolio:

Deleted 4 years ago

Artist!!! Please!!! I´am very bad in 2D or 3D.... (or anything with pictures ;))


Found a team, sorry!


Hi :)
I´am hunting peoples to team.........
For Jam
My game:
Slavic gods........
Before humans.............
Underworld prison
Only red, black and white colors........
Concentratrion camp
1 hit and you´re dead....
Cross platform matches.........
Servers are ready........

In game is VR mod..... (3D as Paragon)

You´re support spy (immortal and invisible)

With one quest: Report enemy position and make team strategy.

When you accept this........

I´am on Facebook:

Skype: Jokiovec

Discord: Nothing

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also coming in a bit late... I'm looking for someone to team up with. I'm from belgium but will be moving to dundee the 27th of august. I'm looking for an artist (2D or 3D). I'm a programmer started from c++ for more low level programming and use c# for unity. I don't really have an idea yet. So I'm open for brainstorming.