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Chaotic QuartetView game page

A tale of ladies, love and turn based strategy
Submitted by Mono (@mono_glasses) — 7 minutes, 5 seconds before the deadline

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Visual novel

Protagonist representation


Would you be open to us showing your game at the Freeplay Independent Games Festival (with credit, of course)?


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This was really good so far!! ESPECIALLY being a renpy game omg but you two did well and I actually managed to beat the game the second time around. I'm excited to see the future updates for this!


During the rest of this month we're just going to do A TON of quality of lifes updates ((see enemy range / enemy skills when you check their stats, better visual feedback on battle, IN GAME TUTORIAL)) but I'm glad you liked it!! I was honestly surprised to how close we got to just finishing the first chapter lmao

Renpy IS hard to work with but at the end of the day it's not as bad as I thought, you just really gotta know how to deal with it.


Wow this is indeed impressive, a lot of work must have gone into this '_' I'm not a great tactical RPG player, but I tried! However at some point I took 103 damages and that was the end for me ^^'

(Oh and btw that guard in the south is dead too ^^')

The intro is very fun and surprising, I'll probably try again later to see if I can find a better strategy and enter the castle, hoping I don't take 103 damages in one blow again :D


I've been fixing some bugs and I came across the one that revives sprites of dead enemies (I may have fixed it?) but I never saw anything like that 103 damage attack!! Is that a counter to a ranged attack?? Cause squires ain't even supposed to be able to counter that > A <''


I'm not entirely sure, but it must be the case since there's an empty square between us!


Aaaaaaaaand it's fixed!! I'm uploading a version with minor fixes so you can play without getting destroyed by 10000 damage in a second and enemies won't revive anymore!!

Wow, this is a super ambitious idea for a game jam, and you did a wonderful job with what's there so far. Already, it has all the elements of a great RPG. Great music. Wonderfully expressive character designs. Engaging story and dialogue. Well done!


Thank you!! I realise I forgot to credit music which is, BAD, but I'll get on it, all tracks are from Kevin MacLeod's royalty free collection. The whole indie game dev industry owes this guy big imo, heh. For the last two days we weren't sure if we were gonna make it but in the end almost all that was planed for the jam got in!! We plan on continuing and finishing the game tho, so I hope you stick around and like it once it's out!!