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Inspired Work

A topic by DeepFriedOreo created 67 days ago Views: 43 Replies: 2
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I happened by this jam, and was actually considering making a Text-Adventure recently in QB64 for a Text-Adventure jam, but ended up not being able to because my keyboard broke. I am just curious, since it has been a long time since I have used QB64 and will be studying my old games to refresh my memory; Are we allowed to copy code we have previously written for other apps? Or is it expected that everything is written for the jam? I am more than happy to browse and re-write my scripts, just wondering as it would save a bit of hassle, since I have some BAS files with general functions I have written in the past for text parsing, class structures, and other generalized things.

For the record, I am not talking about copying the core structure, obviously I will re-write the main loop and game-specific protocols.


Yes, you can re-use functions you have used earlier in some other scripts, but not the core gameplay.

Cool, thank you for the reply!