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Theme announcement for PunyJam #1 Sticky

A topic by fredrikr created 29 days ago Views: 165
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We are aiming to provide something that can work as inspiration more than limitation. To this end, we provide you with the name of the initial room and the text to describe the room as the game starts. You can not alter any of these in any way. The rest of the game is up to you.

The name of the initial room is Broom Closet

The description of the room, when the game starts, is:

You’re in the rather dirty broom closet of The Red Anchor. Various cleaning appliances line the walls. There’s a pile of fabric in a corner.

A note has been fixed to the wall with a knife.

The pub lies beyond the closed door to the east.

There's a link to a Drive folder below. There you will find a code skeleton that can be compiled and which produces the required output when started. You will also find an image showing what it looks like when the game is started, with comments on what you can change. I will include the image in this post as well.

You can base your game on the code skeleton if you like, or you can start writing your own code from scratch. If you decide to base your code on the code skeleton, you can change anything you like in it, as long as the initial room name and the initial description of the room remain the same.

The code skeleton, the room name and the initial room description are all in the public domain.