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A jam submission

Three in a Rogue: ClassicView game page

A match-three Roguelike!
Submitted by NotExplosive (@notexplosive), quarkimo, Jessica Turner (@jesyika) — 4 days, 15 hours before the deadline
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Three in a Rogue: Classic's page

What did you update?
Lots of stuff! Menu screen, settings, new enemies, better mobility (as was highly requested from the jam build), level editor, some new music.

What you would like feedback on (Optional)
Is it fun?

Name of updated upload (if downloadable)
ends with "post-jam," we disabled the jam builds so it should be the only ones available for download

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A very interesting game!! I may have spent a lot longer on this one than the other ones I am supposed to review... I love the concept, even though it can be a little unforgiving at times, but that'sprobably  why health was pretty easy to obtain. I really loved being able to queue up many moves and watch the character perform them while also trying to prevent any unwanted actions from happening.

As for suggestions, maybe make it so that space bar allows you to confirm your action? The same way clicking the button does? It think it would allow some players to have a more streamline experience.

I loved the artstyle, everything matches and it was really well put together. Exellent work people!


Also I forgot to mention, I love the name for the game! Looks like we both appreciate puns :)


Thanks so much for the feedback! Spacebar to end turn is a great idea. I'll add that ASAP.

I'm also pushing updates every 2-ish weeks so if you're interested in playing more we'll have a new version up in about a week and a half. The focus for next patch is to mitigate any output randomness (currently it's possible to get a match that you had no way of anticipating and that feels bad). I have what feels to me like a pretty elegant solution and I'm excited to see how people like it. :)


Looking forward to trying it out!