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Head to the skypad and light your burn drive, for the race is about to begin!
5 Fists
Your Weapon defines your Character
A mini solo-LARP about talking through your anxieties, frustrations, and joys with a tiny god who's always by your side.
a procrastination game.
a solo business card rpg
A minimalist business card sci-fi RPG
Campy Sci-Fi Adventure RPG System on a Business Card
a business card game of small worlds
A CBR+PNK plugin in business card format
A competitive heist RPG on a postcard or business card for 1 - 4 players
A micro hack for Electric Bastionland
A Community Driven Basic TCG
An introductory RPG that fits on a business card
A solo rpg oracle using only a stopwatch
Free diceless, paperless RPG which fits on a business card.
A LARP of Gods, Intimacy, & Sexuality.
A Unique Dice Alternative.
One business card, infinite characters.
A pocket-sized generator for TTRPGs
a solo journal writing game of a vampire & their human lover
A pocket-sized generator for TTRPGs
The solution to roleplaying
a solo journal writing game of a human & their vampire lover
5-Min-Superhero is a short solo superhero game for the 5-min-games Jam.
A storytelling microgame of adventure, nostalgia and dubiously reliable narrators.
A zombie RPG that fits in your wallet.
A business card-sized tool for generating odd pointcrawls with a coin
A d6-based micro-rpg
A wandering mad gnomes tool for Beyond the Borderlands
One-letter Business Card RPG
Alternate Misery roll rules for Mork Borg
A role-playing game to make your own - with interpretable rules and rogue magic.
A rules-light horror RPG that fits on a business card.
A wallet size TTRPG about adventurers trying to fulfil a mission!
An adventure game about the tiniest wizard
A 24XX game but pocket sized
Tunnel Goons hack for 80s kids adventure in business card form
A single player map building roll and write, designed to fit onto a business card.
A game about a journey. Play while you walk and kick rocks
A pub RPG micro-system
A crime scene in your pocket.
Rules-lite AI to upgrade your NPCs — perfectly sized for your wallet
A Lovemaking Module for RPGs
Business card RPG
a 2d6 Sci-Fi RPG on a business card
RPG Farming Mini-Game
a rules-lite space western rpg
A business card-sized RPG written in C++.
A simple universal system and oracle for solo, GM and CO-OP play
Brightly coloured spandex wearing heroes fight monsters!
business card version of SHTICK the universal roleplaying game
1 hex, a few dungeons and a flying river
A travel and rest module for TTRPGs
Grab five poker dice (or make your own with regular d6s and a marker) and try to hit the bullseye.
A labyrinth built by a goddess.
Borgesian Dungeon Crawl
What does time mean to the spoon?
A pocket-sized map-making tool.
Game design discourse sure gets a little silly sometimes, huh?
A little sumthin’ to add to Jared Sinclair’s Vanilla Game
A pocket-sized coin-flipping point crawl
A storytelling game about ghosts trying to move on. Submitted to the #pleasurecardrpg business card RPG game jam.
business card viewfinder for sourcing magic
RPG Dueling rules on a business card.
The business card 'virtual' pet
a rat-sized roleplaying game (now with alt. layout version by Jenna Figgers!)
System Reference Document for the STARJET Micro Skirmish Engine
Core rules free! Deluxe package $3 adds Fungos XI mission brief & Hex Kit tileset free for commercial use.
Arthurian shenanigans inna pocket.
A 6-mile hex for use with Mouseritter
Role Playing
A minimalist Delta Green inspired game
A Pocket-Sized Monster Training Game
I will not claim sobriety while writing this tiny, traditional (not OSR), flexible RPG.
A #pleasurecardrpg quest with a little friend
Dice micro-game for your RPG
A micrOSR RPG that fits on a business card.
A Business Card RPG About Supernatural Private Eyes
A business card sized character creation game
A freeform diceless game system about dwindling luck
Tense TTRPG gameplay in the apocalypse - on a card!
Official RPG of Blark.
An Unusual Weather Forecaster
Obstacle clocks for RPGs
An ODD micro RPG for ODD people
A business card sized monster generator.
A tiny d6 RPG with lots of potential for fast-paced storytelling.
Scoundrel is a minigame for stealth challenges in RPGs
Role Playing
A business-card-sized system-agnostic spell generator
ITA & ENG A small RPG on a Business card (one for each player + one for the dm) inspired by old-school
business card RPG
A game of micro-role-play for conventions and parties
A game of adventuring, might and magic
Generate a city map using a set of dice
A Business Card sized Item Card for your Fantasy TRPG Session
A solo rpg - manipulating the secret side of worlds news.
The ultimate FKR ruleset ever written on a card.
A system agnostic RPG item in a business card. Flip the coin and watch providence unfold.
Dare to explore this place!
Portable micro game.
A micro-RPG about party of ex-adventurers turning to gig economy
Corporate drudgery and/or high-concept cyberpunk
A light 2-Player debate, requiring 2 sets of polyhedral dice
Explore the multiverse, meet strange exotic people, and lend them books.
A short storytelling game about dinosaurs.
A planetary system generator for sci-fi TTRPGs
Be a chicken! Escape the farm!
A GMless Fighting TRPG for two person
A short solo rogue-like about venturing deeper into Palace of Infinity
a micro-rpg of joyous strangeness
A Binary Trinity Scenario
Body Horror business card RPG
A generic rpg system in the spirit of Purgatory House and City of Mist
a cathartic game about pain
Role Playing
A story RPG for 3 weavers of fate
A business card-sized haiku RPG supplement for dilemmas
Roleplaying with RPG dice made super simple.
Lady Bug is a business card RPG of facing down an ancient enemy in the name of the Queen...
You are a monolith standing strong as centuries weather you
a game for the misunderstood
Gothic Survival Horror on a Business Card
A micro RPG that can be printed in a business card.
A pocket-sized RPG about freezing to death with your friends.
A Weird West micro RPG. Cards, whiskey, and the supernatural. What more could you want?
Mini Horror Story-Building TTRPG
A competitive dice & doodling game of injury and humiliation.
A business card that is also a solo dungeon crawl
a business card sized rpg about birds and omens
Business card-sized duel to the death
A micro-RPG about a band of goblins
Two-player longform RPG campaigns, simplified.
A business-card-sized, card-themed RPG.
The Heroic Chord magic system on a handy card!
Get your faction's L.A.B. Crawler to Repair Dock HAL-2 before it shakes itself apart.
Tools for cyborgs
surviving in an overrun laboratory
a lasers & feelings hack
The progression system, weapon rules, and bestiary for an upcoming TTRPG.
A micro-RPG using business cards to generate characters.
Multi-system rules for travelling merchants of scrolls.
Micro RPG to play in freetime
A TV Commercial Game
a meditative folk game and a diagram for identifying rocks
A investigative minigame for rpgs
Æther Pirate Rocket Raiders Tabletop RPG
A game about hunting for VHS tapes.
A fantasy ttrpg to take on the go with just one six-sided die
Hexagram Based Characters
You've just lost the game.
a solo survival rpg
A Pocket-Sized Tabletop Game Inspired by Men In Black
A business card-sized procedure for discontinuation
Use your blood to cast powerful, yet business card-sized spells!
Reading Challenge with 6-Sided Dice
Attend to your highest self.
Card Game
Design and fill a pocket-sized room!
A microgame about dismantling megacorporations...or climbing their ladders.
Pilot a mech with a friend. Kill monsters. Build a relationship.
ENG & ITA: 2+ player, dungeon crawling, competitive, coin-based, bluff RPG for the Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam.
Role Playing
Settle an argument, don't drown
Welcome to the council! I can't wait to see how you will contribute to our community!
A rules-light RPG that fits on 2 business cards, inspired by They Live and WandaVision. For 1 or more players.
A Troika! Background For Business Minded Individuals
how The Sound Of Music should have really gone
Micro setting + micro adventure about supernatural government problems
Pequeño juego de escritura e intercambio de haikus
A game of high-stakes dilemmas and pivotal moments, all on a business card
A game about dreams
Violent School Revolution Roleplaying Game
Track your HP, stats, skills and inventory while you navigate everyday life.
A business card sized game about the "retirement" of a character.
A game about warlocks and thieves, the debts they owe and the desires they chase
It’s the giant robot sports final, and you're playing your greatest rivals. There is one rule: No rules
Change the past - but not your own
GM guidance for the Wyrd player.
An intimist micro-RPG about memories.
a soft feverdream
A game for artists (by atrists), about looking at the world from a different perspecptive.
All praise upon Euclid, father of all that is good and true!
A wallet size TTRPG about summoned skeletons trying to fulfil their master wish!
A simple spellcasting game.
A selection of tiny games I like to play when plagued with worry
A business card sized RPG tool
A solo game of desperate hedonism in a time of crisis.
An introspective single player game in the form of a buisness
A pocket-sized coin-flipping interplanetary point crawl
A business card RPG about accidentally summoning an Eldritch Horror.
The most vital card in your role playing arsenal
A game of weird spellcasting for 3-6 wizards
A microrpg about knowing someone with common cents
Label alchemical potions found around your home through the use of masking tape and this card.
The character creation and task resolution systems for an upcoming TTRPG.
You're an alien in the vents and all crew members must die.
a small game of reflection
describe how you (a characteristic) add meaning to your small, polyhedral friend
Can you solve every problem with a single mixtape?
A tiny alternate reality game about watching for signs.
A microRPG about disagreements and relationships
A minimalist system to throw caution to the wind
A Meta RPG of Interference
A solo/co-op RPG of otherworldly excuses
A business card sized game of memory and loss
An apocalyptic game involving paperclips
Instant escape to the Fairy Realm, whenever you need it
Um rpg sobre robôs em um mundo pós-apocalíptico
A solo game of compromise, where nobody's happy.
YOU are a Clone. Escape The Facility through the sacrifices of your other eight selves
A “Lasers and Feelings” style RPG about a witch coven battling alien invaders
A game of chance, greed and misery created by a mad philosopher mage.
When life gives you cabbages...
Addon for enchantment mechanic
Recurring encounters with a malevolent supernatural swine.
Divinity on the fly
A post-apocalyptic Robot TTRPG
A 1-2 player journaling game about space-traffic.
A solo game of sacrifice. And maybe freedom after all.
A tiny solo rpg game on a business card.
a game about drawing, dysphoria and liberation
Use this card, a magnetised needle & a bowl of water to help your character find answers.
3 mini-games to use for various occasions
Role Playing
A Micro-RPG Based On A Very Silly Idea
Your office rage has been unleashed, you must escape, by any means...
Business-Card RPG Cartoon Hijinks!
Unlock your psychic potential!
You lost the number they gave you, but you can recover it through everyday magic.
A rules lite RPG on a card for Punks
Keep your language alive.
A Business-Not-Pleasure RPG about music and the end of all things
A system-agnostic timekeeping device for any RPG where the PCs are mucking around
I think this might be a parody? Or maybe satire.
Um RPG que cabe na sua carteira sobre aventureiros tentando cumprir suas missões!
A minimalist settings agnostic RPG about the resolve to keep moving
A dice-measuring contest for five or more players
Un pequeño juego para compartir, difundir y ampliar tus gustos musicales en formato tarjeta de visita
Um TTRPG do tamanho de um cartão de visita sobre esqueletos tentando cumprir a missão dada por seu mestre!
Created for the Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam
Tell stories that connect dreamers with their dreams in intriguing ways (1-2 players)
A pocket expansion for Eyes and Hands v2
One business card, two rules, play to your heart's content.
​Un pequeño juego para compartir, difundir y ampliar tus gustos musicales (rock) en formato tarjeta de visita
Un pequeño juego para compartir, difundir y ampliar tus gustos musicales en formato tarjeta de visita
A business card TTRPG of fantastic classes and deadly challenges.
DeScriptors RPG optimized for high stakes interpersonal drama.
Un pequeño juego para compartir, difundir y ampliar tus gustos musicales sobre jazz en formato tarjeta de visita
Norse hack of Yochai Gal's Cairn with added Soulslike mechanics
a game to begin your games
An alternate, more narrative, take on the typical oracle systems in solo rpgs.
Be chosen. Hunt. Be marked. Die.
A roguelike card-based RPG about pushing your luck to escape a dungeon full of hungry monsters.
Business card-sized GM Emulator
A friend generator for Troika!
Use 1d6+1d6 to mashup genres for game playing or other content creation ideas.
Three linked systemless fantasy adventures, each on a business card.
a weird little business card fighting game.
A business card sized dungeon crawl
“Paceyrius forest” is a micro setting about an ancient cactus forest, lost in time.
A nanogame of truth, fiction, and loss
Role Playing
1 hex, a few subhexes and a flying saucer
24XX roleplaying now on a business card!
A solo exploration, city-finding, business-card-sized RPG!
Pack your pocket and tell tales of big adventures
A Hella Radical Business Card-Sized Skatebirding TTRPG!
A Business Card TTRPG about protecting the woods as a monster
you are a smol goblin crafting a bouquet for yourself or someone you know
This is how to be a dad in 2 simple steps
A collection of RPGs that fit on a business card
A Binary Trinity Scenario
A very small RPG that can fit in your wallet
A Binary Trinity Scenario
Business Card TTRPG of Fighting Kaijus
A Binary Trinity Scenario
A game about searching for the truth.
The first expansion for Little Scratches. It's a western! there's a playlist! Drunk.
​A simple Set generator for Trophy Gold.
a micro RPG to help make new acquaintances at a con
A business card game of Hubris and Himbo-ness
Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam Submission
Form a crew and start a heist
A micro-rpg designed to be played in the pub with your friends.
a freeform card micro-RPG
Your only option to win the war!
Solo genealogy game on a business card
Make a map, explore it, tell me about it, and find Home.
A film noir expansion on a business card for Little Scratches. What's in your flask?
Role Playing
business card rpg supplement
A tiny game of telling world-shattering tales
Nothing matters as much as sealing the deal.
Create your own spells
Apply to become the Daily Good News Correspondent at The Froggy Times!
A game for the campfire
A pocket stargazing experience that lingers
A tiny game inspired by punch cards and kindness.
Explore a shifting landscape as you wait for the bus
A Pleasure-Not-Business Jam game where you and your friends create a Rube Goldberg machine!
Killer RPG on a business card
Micro-RPG on everydaylife. / Micro-gdr sulla vita di tutti i giorni, fatta di conflitti, aspettative e credibilità.
One use for your old and unwanted business Cards.
A business card RPG about killer yuppies.
A card to help you stay focused.
a selection of business-card-sized freestyle poetry games
you are a tree. it is autumn. dream about the year that has gone.
a business card game about rivals settling disputes through roshambo
A game about gardening.
A tiny TTRPG for a ghost and a medium.
A business card sized game of body horror
Are you ready to make a deal with the Devil?
man I feel like mold
“You must not be in the race! To win, they’ll stop at nothing!”
Swashbuckling expansion for Little Scratches. Pirates! Musketeers! Masked brigands!
Role Playing
80s tabloids for Little Scratches. Psychics! Aliens! Elvis!
Handy Cards for the Element Dice System
A scavenger ship with rooms
A pocket-sized dog RPG
A small speedy ship with rooms
Building, crafting & cooking in DeScriptors RPG.
Resource management & survival-horror in DeScriptors RPG
The Little Scratches expansion for a team of covert operative specialists.
Whenever there's a problem around Misadventure Cove, blame a pauper troll.
an Generic Universal system, but not simulacionist to play when in a hurry
send your secret to its fate
A Business Card d6 rpg
A strategy game with simple rules yet plenty of depth.
A small set of rules to help your characters lost in a unknown city.
A Business Card RPG
Role Playing
🧓💬 🎲🗺️🎲 🧙👸🧝
an RPG for new players that fits on a business card!
Card Game
d6 Alternate Starting Adventurer Classes for Mausritter.
A tiny system for superhero role playing
Submission to the Pleasure Not Business Card RPG Jam
A note card sized shortcut to following your intentions
A simple universal system and oracle for solo, GM and CO-OP play
A business-card game about, well, wizard duels.
Unbalanced game about taking your friend's coins