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Burning Books makes a Freezing Librarian go insane.
Submitted by adriaan, Ren (@RenaiRoa), The_Last_Rogue — 59 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Art & Design#14.4474.615
Adherence to the Theme#23.7063.846

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The game is gorgeous, and I like the mechanics. Did not understand how to play at all though. 


Thank you for the feedback! The game jam release was pretty unclear - there's not a lot of content so there are very few books to burn, and we didn't have the time to make the books stand out more in the shelves.


I love the maps and the graphics, how did you do that ??

Unfortunately, I did not understood the goal and gameplay before I died of cold :/


Thank you for the feedback! The graphics depend on a cell shader, something similar to the one shown in this video

The page contains instructions for playing the game, but the game jam release is very difficult due to a low amount of books, so you end up freezing very quickly even if you're good at the game and know what you're doing.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really great visuals!

If it hadn't been for the instruction on the itch page, I would not have had any clue what to do, so a tutorial would have been nice.

Fun gameplay, but maybe a bit hard. It seemed that the longer the game went on, the faster the cold meter went up and the fire burned for a shorter amount of time each time you added fuel.

Anyway, fun game. Good job!


Thanks for the feedback - glad you liked it!

Our game was admittedly a bit ambitious for a two-day game jam. We ran out of time to add the books we made to the game, so the amount of burnable items is a lot lower than we anticipated - as a result, it's impossible to stay alive for long. We may make a content patch when the game jam is over to resolve this, as we just need to add more titles (they're randomly spread through the bookshelves anyway).

That's also why we had no tutorial - we would have loved to introduce the mechanics by starting the player off with the first journal entry being read and subsequently tossed in the fire (or something similar!). Trust me, the fact the balancing even works somewhat in the beginning of the game is pure coincidence ;).


amazing game, love the concept and the visuals. 


Thank you!


Wow! Really smart mechanic and it fits perfectly with the theme! I was already curious when you posted the UI and the book in the showcase channel. Really cool to see them in action now! Great work! I really like it! :) 


Thanks! We had a great time putting everything together, thanks for hosting it! :D


damn i love the visuals. It all just comes together so nicely 


Thank you! Honestly, it only really came together visually in the last hour of the game jam, so we are all very happy with the look too!


It is gorgeous and quite solid with the instructions given in the itch io page


Thank you - I'm glad the instructions helped.


The game looks so good, it's crazy!
I had no idea what I was supposed to do though, some kind of instructions would have been a big help


Thank you!

I've added a short section to the itch page that gives a bit more clarity on instructions;

Try to stay warm by exploring the labyrinth-like abandoned library, scouring for books that haven't been damaged by the elements & can still be used to fuel the fireplace! But beware: burning books without first immortalising their contents in your mind (in the order in which they occur in the series, you're just obsessive like that!) will lead to you slowly spiralling into insanity, so think carefully about what you sacrifice...

Hopefully that helps!