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Proof Read/Altered Jam Page

A topic by CS Dev created May 15, 2017 Views: 158 Replies: 1
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Hello! I read through your jam page earlier and decided that I wanted to help out a bit, since I had a spare ten minutes and didn't have much better to do, plus I wanted to (hopefully) encourage more people to sign up!

What I did was proof read and/or altered a bit of the jam page to make it more readable. It isn't bad in the current form, I don't mean to post something like this as an insult, but the version I've altered might make a bit more sense to English readers.

The version I changed can be found below. Have a nice day!


Hello everyone, and welcome to our Writer's Game Jam. We are Paranormal Studios, an indie game studio located in Granada, Spain. We make games for PC and Android typically, but that's not why we're here.

It's time to show people how we roll, and to show people who say: "Games are not art" that they're wrong!

The theme will be revealed at the start of the Jam.

Minimum Page Count: 3 (on Calibri 12 or so)

Maximum Page Count: 10 (on Calibri 12 or so)

What is the Paranormal Studios -Writer's Jam-?

We're going to create stories, share ideas, and make some games based on the entries. During Paranormal Jam, you can share you entry with everyone on Itch.Io by making it downloadable, a draft so only the judges can vote on it, or you can send your entry directly to us at the email address found below! It's mostly designed to be a creative exercise.

What can I win?

If the experience of participating and creating something wasn't enough, we do have some prizes for the top three entries.

First Prize

  1. An award/prize from Paranormal Studios to show that you won the Jam
  2. $20 for a Paypal account
  3. A piece of digital art based on your entry (What ever you want)

Second Prize

  1. Custom Prize from Paranormal Studios.
  2. A piece of digital art based on your entry (What ever you want)

Third Prize

  1. A piece of digital art based on your entry (What ever you want)

Rules for the Jam

  1. All entries must be created during the Jam (Else will be subject to disqualification)
  2. The entry should be able to be adapted to a game easily. (No major changes required)
  3. All entries must be in either English or Spanish. (Language counts more than grammar here, we just need to make sure we can understand your entry!)
  4. The entry must be 'Safe for Work' to a degree. (You can allude to sex or gore within your entry, but please try to keep actual depictions to a minimum!)
  5. The entry MUST NOT violate anyone else's copyrights or include stolen content. (You may use works you can license or are something like public domain, but these works must be credited as such.)

Thank you so much :) English in not my mother tonge, so I failed a bit :D