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Joining a team

A topic by drummer_guy_ created Sep 15, 2017 Views: 570 Replies: 5
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How do I join a team for this Jam?

Jam Host

That's a good question.  I don't know, myself, but @caramelcode is researching this and should have an answer for you soon!

Jam Host (1 edit) (+2)


We just got our Teams Page up!  There are no teams created yet so you could be the first!


Hello! I'm an audio guy and I want to help out. But,...I am new to this jam thing, what do I do? 


Hey ! You can have a look at the teams and apply for one that you like that is looking for an audio guy. If you can't find a team, make your own ! And when you have a team, they'll tell you the rest ^^


hi everyone, im a unity c# coder that hasn't participated in a game jam before, is there any group i could join?