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A jam submission

How to Find Love and Lose the Time War!View project page

A 2-player storytelling game of enemies turning into lovers!
Submitted by Thomas Manuel (@chaibypost) — 33 days, 7 minutes before the deadline
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How to Find Love and Lose the Time War!'s page

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I'm very confused.

I don't understand what a token is in this situation.


Hi! By token, I mean something like a letter, a keepsake,  essentially something that you gift someone else to remind them of you.


Hello Thomas!

I've been intrigued to see how this one plays out... And I was not disappointed. So let's jump in with thoughts:

1. Layout and color coding works so well for this system. I also love the narrative of machine vs nature. Very Princess Mononoke.

2. The mechanical loops in this are elegant. As I read and imagined playing with another person, I felt the depth of how this would play out. And it's beautiful because Red and Blue would not meet until Blue's Last Time (in which they have never met). Just... Bravo!

3. My single note / question: I'm pretty sure both blue and red get to do each reaction once. But the 3. section is a little oddly worded. Cause it mentions "Red starts the next scene" which I initially thought meant that Red does the second time. But the next sentence seemed to confirm that Red was supposed to start from the top and do First Time again.

4. Might be nice if the sequence went Blue 1st / Red 1st / Red 2nd / Blue 2nd / Blue 3rd/ and so on. You could add it on the reaction table who is supposed to start / turn order for a time.

5. What's so clever is that you manage to evoke so much tone and setting with a minimal approach.

Overall, I absolutely love this. Exceedingly clever! Again, BRAVO!