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Intellisense not working in Unity/Visual Studio

A topic by deltahalo241 created Dec 13, 2019 Views: 136 Replies: 8
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I'm trying to make my game for this jam in Unity 2019. However when I open my new script in Visual Studio, the script throws up Errors. Intellisense says that it can't find anything to do with my project. I've tried a couple of fixes I've seen on the net, such as exluding the script from the solution, refreshing the explorer and then including it again. But they haven't worked. I'm at a bit of a loss, 3 days left and the furthest I've got is some art assets because this problem is preventing me from doing any scripting. I'm contemplating switching to a completely different game engine at this point


Hi delta halo. I'm sorry for the frustration. I've run into this issue in the past with a different version of visual studio, but the exclude/include trick worked. Have any of your scripts worked on this project? Not sure if it would help, but could you try using a previous version of visual studio, like visual studio 2017?

I'd also recommend hopping in our discord server. You'll get quicker responses and a lot of experienced unity developers that would be happy to help you out. 

Taylor @GDQ 

delta, which version of Visual Studio are you using?

I'm using 2017

a few people in the GDQ discord suggested it, but try making sure VS is set as the default IDE for Unity.  The instructions for doing it are on this page

So I took a look, and Visual Studio was set as the default IDE however generating csprog files was unticked. I've ticked that now, so hopefully that helps.


Some people in the discord recommended going into the unity settings and changing the default ide to something else and then setting it back to visual studio. Not sure on the exact menus to click through, but I think that is in preferences. 

Well, I managed to fix my problem with Visual Studio, however it's eaten up a lot of time that I had otherwise hoped to use actually making the game. Because of this I am not confident that I can produce even a half finished product in time for the end of the Jam, so I'll be withdrawing. Still, now that my issue is fixed, it should mean that I'll be able to take part in the next Jam and be able to actually release something  then.


Thanks for participating, even if you didn't finish! We hope the process wasn't too frustrating. See you next time!