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Resources Sticky

A topic by tofurocks created Jun 23, 2021 Views: 464
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This is a thread of resources you can use to make your game! Please note the individual licenses on each item, as they may vary.


* Indicates that support for these platforms may involve more work

Art Programs

Audio Programs

  • Audacity (Free, Audio Recorder and Editor) [Win, Mac, Linux]
  • Bosca Ceoil (Free, Music Composition) [Win, Mac, Linux]
  • GarageBand (Free, Music Composition) [Mac]
  • Image to Music (Free, Music Toy) [Win]
  • LabChirp (Free, SFX Generator)  [Win, Linux]
  • LMMS (Free, Music Composition) [Win, Mac, Linux]
  • MuseScore (Free, Music Composition [Win]

Writing Programs

Code Editors

Fonts (Please check individual licenses!)

Pre-Made/Creative Commons/Generator Assets

lunaterra's collection of VN Assets, Tutorials, and Tools should be your first stop to finding CC resources! She adds resources that others have uploaded to itch in this collection, so you'll find a variety of visual & audio assets, as well as code templates and tutorials!

The VisuStella Emporium has Weapon, Potion, and Plant icons you can use!
The Stella Character Generator
can also be used to create sprites.