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Nitro-Music Rumble [Project album]View project page

Submitted by Bored Cube (@bored_cube_) — 1 day, 20 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of theme and limitations#44.0004.000

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

The title of your submission
Broken Lifts

Program(s) used

VST Plugin(s) used
Magical 8-bit 2, DSK SoundFX vol 1 and an Among us soundfont I found (yes for real)

How did you use the theme/limitations?
The elevator is "falling" apart, weird interpretation but that's what I did. There are 2 parts, one when we ride an elevator and another where the elevator falls and breaks, leaving the last of it's melody to play.

Did you take inspiration from another creation?
Lofi, dreamcore and elevator music.

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I really like the creepy vibe, I got it right away. It had that sort of Everywhere At the End of Time feeling where it felt like it came right out of another time period. I also really liked how you broke down each part into its own story, good use of the theme


thank you.

I like storytelling and since I added little comments on each part of my last song for the last Jam, I decided to do it again, to add little sections of comments for each “action” in the song, I think it fits the liminal/creepy vibe.

Glad you liked it :D


I recognize more and more your touch. Even if I hadn't seen your name, I would have known it was your music. There's a creepy vibe to it :)

There's a Silent Hill feel to it, and that's a compliment.

For Lo-Fi, you put a vinyl crackling sound that loops a bit too fast and seemed too present to me.

Great sound design work from 2'10". And I'm not just talking about the samples, but also the breath, the bits,m and the tension that goes with it.


Thank you for the feedback. It was my first time using a vinyl effect so I didn’t balance it well, but next time I will make the cracking more subtle.

Never played Silent hill, nor heard the soundtrack, but listened it because you mentioned it, and now I see the likeness.


I see you went with a similar 'jazzy chords' approach as I did. Now, I am not sure whether I just don't like jazzy chords, but I am not a fan of your nor my own chords! I guess my ears are just not 'advanced' enough (whatever that means).

I do like your approach! It is soft, gentle, fitting the elevator theme. And that 'instrument' you introduce at 0:32 is really your thing, isn't it? It is that weird 'cat-like' instrument that I hear back in lots of your songs!

Overall, nice entry! I like how it kinda follows a story.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

So about the synths, I tryed making Lofi elevator music, but I guess my thing is to make nightmare/liminal stuff (and chiptune), so I ended up reusing the cat synth (it’s not a cat really), but I like it, it sounds like the elevator music…But broken somehow?

The fact it was intended to be Lofi is the reason of the jazzy chords. I don’t like making chords, but I think this time it fits (and needed) to make jazzy chords.

Anyways thank you!