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Submitted by phyko

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happy pills's page

Objective of the Game
To make happy pills

Left click

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Jam Host

I like the idea of a clicker game but my main problem with this is that there's a lot of clicking ... and no game.  One of the key characteristics of clickers is getting a reward for work done, which can be accelerated by smart decisions by the player.

Perhaps it might have been better to theme the emoji/emotion with the mechanic, for example clicking a drug might produce a rush of happiness but have long-term negative consequences. 

Overall an interesting idea but needed a bit more development.


Nice idea, although if the player hasn't got any experience with clickers there isn't much guidance at the beginning of the game to indicate whats going to happen.  Maybe some indication that each day or time period lasts 100 clicks.  Still go story development and an interesting take on the emotions theme.