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John King

A member registered Sep 04, 2017

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Wow -- that's extremely good for just two days.  Logical structure, well-formed idea and an excellent job of constructing all elements quickly to get the feel of each room right without the need for detailed models.  Very well done.

Got stuck in the first room for ages!  I'd tried the 'left' key a number of times without it doing anything; hadn't realised that it only works if you're looking 'forward'.

Once I got going I found this to be a engaging adventure.  Well done.

I like the idea of a clicker game but my main problem with this is that there's a lot of clicking ... and no game.  One of the key characteristics of clickers is getting a reward for work done, which can be accelerated by smart decisions by the player.

Perhaps it might have been better to theme the emoji/emotion with the mechanic, for example clicking a drug might produce a rush of happiness but have long-term negative consequences. 

Overall an interesting idea but needed a bit more development.

The lack of clear instructions made the game confusing: I hadn't realised that the mechanics were linked to the theme of each level; I presumed at first that the speed change was a bug!  Also, is the player meant to be able to walk straight though the first level without jumping?

However, given the limitations that Chris mentions, this is a well-realised game idea.  Nice use of music.  

I like the core game mechanic, and the level designs force you to interact in a natural way.  Trial-and-error can get boring after a while, but you've avoided this by ensuring that respawn points change as you progress.  There are a few bugs (like being able to jump off the side of the screen or background sprites showing in front of things) but it has the basis of a great game idea.  Good work.

So ... the player may choose to flip temporarily to pastel mode in order to dodge a nasty enemy.  What would stop them playing in pastel mode all the time?  I'm guessing there's a negative aspect (e.g. slowing down, but not as slow as enemies).  Hence the skill would come in deciding when to switch.  Have I understood correctly?

A nice, simple idea -- which means you can experiment with the mechanic to add fun.  Think about how the player selects their colour:

  • Do they press a particular key to choose a specific colour? -- is this challenging enough?
  • Do they press a key to cycle through colours (e.g. red->green->blue->red) -- this would add challenge if against the clock
  • Do they have to visit an object to change to a specific colour?  -- this would make it more of a puzzle if certain colour-changers were in awkward places.

Nice idea.  Will the colour be selected by cycling (i.e. keypress=RED, again=PURPLE, again=BLUE, etc.) or directly (i.e.  key R=RED, key P=PURPLE, key B=blue)?

A very interesting idea.  Have you given any idea as to how the game would get more difficult to match increasing player skill?