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your so sexy i love you so much <3 and well done 

Really good attempted guys, just consider adding an instruction game that has controls, and a little about what the player should know about the level.  And consider slowing down those red zombies.

This is really goo Lloyd, with a lot of potential.  I was pleasantly surprised by the change in genre.  I can see you are experimenting with some interesting ideas and techniques here.  Good work

Cool idea being the meta player of tetris, great implementation as well. Awesome entry

Nice idea, although if the player hasn't got any experience with clickers there isn't much guidance at the beginning of the game to indicate whats going to happen.  Maybe some indication that each day or time period lasts 100 clicks.  Still go story development and an interesting take on the emotions theme.

I love the way you have managed to create a narrative adventure in the short time you had, with locations, story development and interesting revelations.  This is a well realised game from the original idea.  It's a shame you didn't managed to get better sound in there.

I really like the implementation of the idea here, the execution is good although I would have liked to have seen more guidance in the earlier levels on what the player has to do, there is a lot of trail and error in your game which leaves the player to have to restart the game multiple times.  But still a really good idea well achieved.

This is quite an achievement for a two day game,  I had a few problems picking up the teddy bear in the baby level to I think it is a really ambitious and mostly realised idea.  Well done.

This is nice and simple way of implementing the emotions theme and has been realised really well.  It is a shame that you had a reduced group in the second day as I am sure you could have got more content in there.  I love the way the mechanics change in each level to reflect the emotion.

This is such a simple idea, which works really well and it is rock solid to play.  You have the game equivalent of patting your head and rubbing your tummy.  but it definitely has that one more go aspect to it.  The randomness of it can mean that I started a game 2 or 3 times where I have 3 bullets all hitting me at once which is not a good experience so we should watch for that in the future and look for ways of ramping up the difficulty slowly.

This is a really good concept, it is not a new idea to have multiple worlds the player can transition between (Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, did it in a similar way), however the way you have implemented it is really good and with your own style and the two worlds contrasting against each other work well.  For the future think about ways where you can really show the difference between the worlds, the spike bit is really good but is the only standout moment.  

I really like the way you have implemented the colour theme into a puzzle game, I think that is quite difficult to do, it feels fresh and new.  What you should have maybe done is made it a little more forgiving by having the person restart in the level they got to when they die rather than having to start the whole game again.

Very good implementation of this design, good use of the colour idea.  Just a couple of things to bare in mind for the future, make your instructions more explicit, there is no where, where it tells you how to change colour.  And you missed an opportunity to use the platforms you put in, such as putting multiple colours at different heights giving the player a choice as to which barrier they go through.

Remember to consider the following

Game Genre

Use of Colour (Mechanic)




Number of Levels/Areas

Structure of the game construction

1. Initial idea development and planning

2. Building prototype

3. Playtesting

4. Artwork and sound

5. Polish

6. Playtesting

7. Submission