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[DevLog] Myha - Making a Myst-like

A topic by The Icehouse created Jan 09, 2016 Views: 3,457 Replies: 35
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Surely I'll retry, Simon .... I'm just downloading the update 1.2! ;)

I'll be in touch!

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Nope! Nada! Rien!

I have deleted the old savegames, cleaned everything everywhere, run the game as admin but nothing has changed. It gives me the same hateful "automation error" ... I' m so sorry! :(

Tell me how can I help you ...


I don't know... Have you ever had such an issue with your AM projects?

I'm currently having big troubles with my work PC (after installing Windows 10) and I can't check the game files for a while. If really the game returns this error to everyone, then I will try to send the work files to someone who owns AM and who could try to build the game, just in case it would change anything.

First let's see what I can do after my PC works again!

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So, finally. I'm back with a clean PC after formating and installing a new Windows. I have not yet installed any program at all (except drivers) and first thing I did was installing Myha 1.2 + Xvid. Then I played the game and everything was working perfectly :) Looks like the issue doesn't come from the game: I don't even have Adventure Maker installed on the current config.

I'll take some time soon to think of what could cause the problem on your computer (and others) but the answer is not to seek in the game. That's a good starting point!

Yes, undoubtedly it is ... I'll wait for other news!

Finger crossed, Simon! ;)

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I have made a version 1.3 after the following changes:

- New installation of Windows on my PC
- New installation of Adventure Maker
- Recompression of the pictures and sounds
- Manually included Adventure Maker system files
- Reinstalled Panorama plugin
- New build as admin

As usual, make a clean uninstall of the previous version, delete savegames (or backup them to try if they work later), and install 1.3 with administrator rights.

I hope it works... It is working perfectly on my PC.

YESSSS!!! Now it's perfectly working on my pc too !!

- I have uninstalled the previous version and deleted the savegames

- I have installed the game without XVid ( I have K-Lite codec)!

- run the game as usual ( NO admin rights)

Now I can finally dive into the game again! It is worth the waiting!:D :D

Great job, Simon!


I guess it would have been even better with italian translation :) But I'm glad it finally works!

Too bad that Adventure Maker hasn't a multi-language option, but I can help you to translate it when you want ;)

Have a nice day!

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