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Kupid Vein (W.I.P.)

A topic by LebbyFoxx created Feb 10, 2019 Views: 61 Replies: 2
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Submitted (2 edits)

Traverse the maze and avoid the artery walls and bad blood cells, and reach the dark heart and fill it with love and Joy!

Control the player with WASD

Developer note:

(Is this log a little late?) I joined this jam around 3 days in, when I was thinking about the theme while reading the jam page. I thought of this basic maze game and decided to join in. The game is a basic, one level prototype, and currently it is missing a few features which will hopefully be added before the jam ends. This game is also being solo developed. The aim of this is to try some new mechanics (such as the killer and disappearing walls) that I have never tried doing before. The other aim is to add some basic sprite animation (once character sprites are made, which I hope I will have time for). 

Current Stage:

  • Working player portrayed by a greyish square
  • Working deadly walls
  • Maze layout complete
  • Disappearing 'Fake Walls'

Thank you all for your time and I am looking forward to some feedback!

- Caleb (LebbyFoxx)

©2019 Caleb William Phillips

Early screenshots:



The Moveable obstacle/red blood clot (portrayed by a red block) now works when you move it from either the left or right side, and I have also added a timer. Only a couple more things to do/change now, and it should all be done in time! 

However sadly, as of this moment there aren't working enemies in the test maze due to complications implementing them. This may change by the end, but it is not guaranteed. 

Thank you all for your time,

- Caleb (LebbyFoxx)

©2019 Caleb William Phillips 

(Ironically I had to highlight and copy the '©' symbol because I could not get it on my keyboard! Lol.)

New Screenshots:



The game has finally been submitted! It's been fun participating! Thank you all! Here is a link to the entry page:

-Caleb (LebbyFoxx)

© 2019 Caleb William Phillips