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Dev Log!

A topic by WhisperingWillows created Feb 03, 2019 Views: 91 Replies: 7
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I’m making today a planning day. I’m going to do a short horror visual novel about a young woman’s mysterious new roommate. I’m getting down in a notebook all the art I’ll need to do and the sequencing of the story so I have a baseline for my script. I’m so excited to be a part of this jam and to make something great!


ooooh i love horror games... and i think they're really cool in the text + vn format. i'm curious to hear more about this!


2/04/19 - I’m working on making sprites today. I’m sketching them out on paper, and I’m going to scan and trace them digitally once they’re all done!

I’m using Danganronpa sprites to help with anatomy. I’ve gotten into that game recently and some of them make really good reference art! It’s mostly to help me get a hold on any foreshortening and use of hands, still practicing with the latter, but getting a lot better!


oh nice! i can't wait to see the sprites


2/05/19 - Spent all day drawing up backgrounds! Really happy with most of them! The game officially has a name, ‘Daydream’, and I’ve got the file up on Ren’Py.

The plot’s kind of inspired by R. Michalski’s ‘The Cat Lady’ and MasochistFox’s ‘Purple’. I like the idea of mental illnesses taking on more literal forms to haunt people. 

Tomorrow I’m gonna draw up CGs and start script writing!


2/08/18 - All of the art was finished Wednesday. Took a break yesterday, but I’m gonna start the script now!

Coding everything in starts next week. Probably Sunday or Monday. Mild trigger warnings will apply, and I’ll be sure to list it all on the page when I post it.


I spent all day getting the dialogue coded in. It's been wonderful seeing all the art and writing begin to come together! I should've made my sprites a bit bigger, but live and learn! It's good to know for future projects :3

Awhile ago, I liked a post on tumblr compiling a bunch of free sound and music sources under creative licensing and/or public domain, so that's coming in handy! I'm going to try adding all the sound tomorrow but I also have some personal things getting done (including a program meeting for early highschool grads like me!), so worst comes to worst, I'll have to do it thursday. It's pretty much my last thing to do!


The game has been officially uploaded!

I can say the only thing I regret is being unable to get in audio. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do it, so it's gonna be a quiet game, but it's something to figure out for future projects!

It's been a lot of work, but I'm overall happy.