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[Devlog] The Sun in High Dignity

A topic by Samantha Day created Jan 11, 2018 Views: 203 Replies: 9
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I'm sorry. I do not mean to use you as my confessor. The lateness of the hour--and I am very tired, you see. 

The ship. My ship. The Sun in High Dignity. There are dangers under the waves, you must understand. Oh, you hear barroom tales of them: armies of the dead rising from the sea to strike down the living, crawling up the sides of ships to drag you to the depths, and I will tell you, this is true. The stories are all true. 

Your mother--my captain--loved you very much. She would want you to [[know->ship3]].

Day 1: "Oh my god, this game jam is on again? Okay. Oh no. It's many days in. Can I write a twine game in nine days? Of course I can." A story about boats.  I have no plans! I have: "unreliable narrator;survivor of a magic shipwreck (or worse) confessing her sins to the child of a victim." 

(The curvy arrows in the Twine 2 update are weird, but I will get used to them-- if I'm in a super mega rush, I don't want to mess with Twine 1, even though that's what I used last time.) 

Unreliable narrator?? magic?? survival?  It's like it was tailor made for me lol. I'm so interested to see where this start goes!


I believe in you! You can do it! Also I agree about the curvy arrows, they took... some time to get used to.


Thank you! I will do my best! And the arrows are real weird, no lie. I do like the lighter background, though; it's easier for me to look at for long periods of time than old Twine 2 or Twine 1.


DAYS 2 + 3

backonmybullshit dot png

Can you imagine the beauty we destroy every time we bend our minds and wills to gutting one? I have heard miles of forests scream as one for mercy. I have listened to deep veins of ore beg me for their lives. Did you know: when you set foot on them, they know your name. They read your entire life as I would [[read a book->murderers]]. 

877 words. This is not going to be a buck wild novella like my last game jam game. (Actually, that was only like 10,000 words). I'm just focusing on getting the words down and not worrying about c o n d i t i o n a l t e x t until I have a damn story. I still don't have a plan! Maybe I will get fun and flirty with it and have it split off into two branches. I have one week.



Here is my meager explanation: the sea itself is alive. The sea breathes life into all things. The sea brims with love, and you, child, are a fool, do not shake your head at me, you are a fool to think that love is never terrible or destructive. Sometimes the sea will birth an island and love it so much it gives its creation a heart and a mind. 

1525 words. Oh my god, I don't know if this makes any sense, but whatever, it's happening. Hot new mechanic: at one point, you-the-player will be asked whether you want to hear about your mother's sins. (if  $sins is 'yes')[You will hear a lot more dirt.](else:)[The narrator is going to keep lying to you about your mother the murdering boat captain being a nicer person than she actually was, as she said she would, over and over again.] 

The snippets of text you've posted so far are really well-written and powerful. I'm looking forward to checking this out once it's done!


Oh man, thanks! I appreciate that! We're all almost at the finish line (thumbs up emoji) (muscle arm emoji)


DAY I HAVE NO IDEA,   T̢͈͔͇̫̞̤̭͖̝̕I̸͕̝̯M̶̗͉͎͇E̼̮̠̱̻̜̱̪ ̧̬̘̗͇͇̗̕I̡͓͎̘͈̣̕Ş̶̹͡ ҉̡̻̭̰ͅF҉̨̳̯̹͕̯̙ͅA̛͓͓͎͕̲̦̣K̡̘͓̮̻̝È̠̥̟͎̕͟

My captain and I, the only survivors of our expedition, went deep into the ground, hand-in-hand, her long sword drawn, my own small fist aflame, prepared for further dangers. What we witnessed on the way to the island's heart does not bear repeating. We survived it, and I did not fail her, and that is all you need to know, child. 

At the bottom of the passageway, with the weight of the cursed soil above our heads, there was a cavern. Its vaulted ceiling was covered in sapphires, to mock the sky above. A river of diamonds rushed by our feet to lead us deeper into the cave, where flowers wrought in carnelian and crysoprase blossomed, inviting us to stay and partake of its riches.

To this day, I very nearly regret [[what we did to it|island08]]. 

2125 words. I'm actually not done working for the day, but I figured I'd take a break and post something before I go into f u l l c r u n c h.  Two days out from the deadline I have some idea of where this is going! I will have all Friday to finish it, at least. 


DAY ???????? 

Your mother, my captain, knew this. She loved me too well to allow it. I loved her, too, do not doubt that I loved her, and desperately, but it was as I would love having [[my eyes plucked out|journey02]]. As I would love swallowing a fist-ful of salt. 

3222 words. One more day! s/o to my roommate for playtesting every draft and catching all the spots where I completely forgot how to code Twine and wanged up all my conditional formatting.