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[DevLog] The Shade (???)

A topic by Quinn created Jan 09, 2018 Views: 301 Replies: 10
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Fantasy RPG made with RPG Maker MV
Possible Themes: Protecting Nature & Each Other, Cooperation, Community

I've not been able to do as much as I'd like so far, things have been very chaotic. I've posted what little I've done to Twitter rather than here but I'll try and do better about that moving forward. I started off trying out Stencyl (which crashed after my first hour of use, it was a good start lol) but ended up trying out RPG Maker once I realized the free trial was long enough to finish the Jam and it fit what I needed better.  Here's the first RPGM screenshot I have so far, it's  just a practice map though. I'm currently watching tutorials so hopefully I'll make something even better by tomorrow night. 

Here's a rough section of map, it's coming along but there's a lot to do still. 

I was testing a door to a city I hadn't designed yet... I forgot to put an exit. Welcome to the void, new (temporary) character. 

I really like how this room came out. I don't think I'll change it much in the future. 


Awesome! Great you are learning new things. Have you thought out any story yet? I'm eager to see how this project unfolds. Good luck with the jam!

I have some story I'm working on but I feel weird sharing it, ideally I'd want people to find out through playing it. It does kind of help to know though, right? I know the main character takes care of and lives in something of an enchanted forest. He gets sort of dragged into helping others find the cause for a spreading... something? It needs a lot of work but to be fair it is based off of a dream I had a few months ago lol

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My first version of the overworld map. It was really small and cramped but I liked the general locations for things.

Here's the current version!  More places, more details. I have a little trouble using the RPGMV tiles, the way they overwrite each other is a little frustrating at times. The repetition in the mountains bothers me a bit but it'll have to do- I've gotta work on towns and story! 


Closeups of the different areas of interest. 



hey awesome progress so far!! i honestly love these overworld maps... they feel so fantastical. i am curious to hear more about your game's story and design--i think it's fair to want to withhold some surprises but pitching your game can be important for getting your game out and sharing it. maybe there's some hook or interesting premise that you could share? either way great work!


Thank you! I really love making maps. 

 It isn't really original or anything so I feel kind of lame. The idea of a mysterious spreading darkness is nothing new and I'm not sure if I'm going to subvert anything along the way.  I haven't worked out all the details because I knew that if I sat down and wrote it all out and planned I'd have no time left to do the actual game. If I had known about this event sooner I'd have something already written and ready to work with. 

I'll make a post tomorrow about the story, hopefully it'll work out okay. I can't really figure out how to do scenes so I'm getting pretty nervous about the upcoming deadline. 


haha understandable! i think a good goal for the next few days would to be to find a good place to cut the demo or introduction arc--generally we encourage people to learn as much as they can in the two weeks and then post-jam take the time to refine or focus on their content. i think with narrative heavy/RPG games especially a good skill is knowing how to close things out even if you're not quite satisfied with them. learning to see where you can compromise and settle for scope is an important skill for finishing games!