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A topic by Daniel Bonfim created Jan 15, 2017 Views: 198
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Hey everyone, sorry about the late to write this DevLog, we had with a lot work so far, working in the game development and working to live, so our time is small.

Our Team:

Me (Programming);

Luca (Audio Developer);

Márcio (GameDesigner)

Victor (Artist);

Mauro (Artist);

Lucas (Interface and others);

Raphael (Programming);

The game is being developed in Unity Engine, and we dont have much to show so far, we worked a lot in make the card rules, mechanic and learn about online matching with unity. So now we go build everything that we plan about the game mechanics and card rules in these last week. So i tell yous the basic about what we have so far.


The game takes place in a time of ninjas and samurai, where the samurai are "dog men" and the ninjas are the "cat men", our cards will be built from this basic definition. The two sides had objectives, those of the samurai Were to protect the empire and that of cats was a rebellion against this empire.

About match, the objective is take down the enemy terrain. Every player has a three terrains, and these terrains give them resources to use the cards.


Above is the basic mechanic, the red stars is the terrains thats need been defended and the green guys are the followers, the cards, the criatures thats will defend the terrain in your respective slot, look well the table is divided in thre parts, for each one of them have one terrain and an space to put your card to defend the terrain, then the criature(card) only can attack others in the same field slot, the terrains only can be attacked if dont have follower(cards) to defend them.

**Follower, Criature and Card is the same thing... sdlsdks



So guys, this is for a some ideia about our project..