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[DevLog] Sail Away

A topic by literalcitrus created Jan 08, 2017 Views: 178 Replies: 4
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Here's my somewhat late devlog that I will try and update throughout the jams. I am basically not using the theme because I had this idea about a day before seeing the jam page so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


You control a little sail boat through dangerous waters. You have to avoid crashing onto rocks, being sucked into whirlpools, and the shifting winds. The game is a mobile game, and you control the ship by pinching in and out, and rotating two points on the screen to change the direction and speed of your travel. Pinching out opens your sails to give you a boost of speed, while pinching in slows you down for more maneuverability. The final plan is to have a couple of fairly long levels finished by the end of the jam, with the future possibility of updating the game with a new level every day.

Day 1

Most of the day has been getting the input system working on mobile. The game basically gets the angle and distance between two touches on the screen and sends that to the player. Currently the player ship just moves based on those inputs and not much else, so the next step is making it feel a lot more smooth and fluid.

A gif of the game currently:


Mechanics look very cool! looking forward to seeing how it works out

The controls for the boat are very intuitive, it looks fun already. Good job!


oh wow this looks really fun to play :O !! looking forward to seeing those other mechanics!


Day ?

Not much has changed on the surface really (well, except for the tech behind the entire art style) as it's been a fairly empty few days. Still not 100% sold on this weird 3D effect, but I think the art assets need to improve to really sell it. No more gameplay I just wanna show off this thing lmao