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DEVLOG Delphorium

A topic by m.zadz created Jul 18, 2018 Views: 104 Replies: 5
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This'll be the first time, that I will attempt to make a 3D game.  So far I have modelled a dolphin in blender and made it wiggle in Unity.  Im thinking of a rhythm based game underwater. Next up, I'll write some code in unity. Its late and slow.. but better than nothing.

I tend to post regular posts of everything gamedev related i do on my twitter:
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My game is up an running now:

It's called delphorium and it is a Relaxing Musical Experiance.
Sorry for the lack of devlogs, I've been busy with life and other stuff. I may plan a post-mortem though in the future.

I plan to add far more content to it. It is, at the  moment, fairly barebones with not many other features apart from gameplay. However, I plan to add more features - dependant on feedback. This is a short-term project and I plan to release the game within 2 months.

In the meantime, I plan to play all the other entries in the jam.

Try the game out and do leave me your feedback.

Thank You,



whoa your first 3D game? this rig looks great! awesome job putting this together!


thanks dude


Just played the game after seeing it on Twitter a bunch and really enjoying the visuals!

Pretty bad at rhythm games, so I couldn't quite figure out how the timing was supposed to be to be "right"...? I feel like further explanation of that might be nice somewhere?  
Also have to admit I thought I wasn't supposed to "shoot" the notes through the white wiggly lines for some reason, which possibly made it more difficult for me at first, but I've no clue why I thought it? Maybe I assumed they are a rhythm indicator? 

I really enjoyed it, though, especially the Zen-Song with the four dolphins. It was more challenging, but really motivating, too.


glad to hear that you enjoyed. Thank you for your constructive feedback as well. You do raise a good point about explanation.