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Project Beach Brawl (Working Title)

A topic by TheRickyWill created Jul 15, 2018 Views: 202 Replies: 6
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Hello! Welcome to to the devlog page for Beach Brawl (Working Title), a turn based strategy game inspired by titles like X-Com and the simplified mechanics in recent releases such as Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. 

Our team consists of AngryBoy (Programmer) and TheRickyWill (Artist/Designer). Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting daily updates on our progress of the game. It's a pleasure to meet you and hear your feedback! Happy jamming!



Love the name! And I'm a big fan of XCOM-like games, so I look forward to following your progress.

What engine will you be using to build the game?

Hi! We are currently using the Unity 2018 edition as I feel this best suits the design that we are working towards!


Now I'm even more interested to follow along! :)


I saw your character designs on the discord-- this looks like its gonna be a super cute game! It seems really ambitious, too. Good luck!!


[Update: Meet The Crew!]

Day 3 already? Jeez. Well, I suppose we were pretty late when it came to starting this devlog.

As of now, the game is making good progress. We've moved past a conceptual stage and are starting to figure out gameplay, weapon/character balancing, and other features. Angryboy has also been hard at work in Unity, putting these ideas together and make them work in an actual gameplay environment.

In other news, we also have the main cast of playable characters to show off! 

These four take the main class/archetype roles often found in regular strategy games. With their own weapons, statistics, and abilities, players have to use them together effectively in order to fight off the mysterious menace taking over the beach.

  • Becky:  A perky girl who works at a beachside restaurant, now having to fight through what she hoped to be a peaceful day off. She is an all-rounder, with standard health and movement abilities, and can increase the group's strength if needed.
  • Miranda: Becky's girlfriend and a volleyball player with a great throwing arm. With the highest health and damage output of the group, it comes at the cost of slow movement. However, she has the strength to protect her team in times of struggle by increasing nearby member's defense.
  • Jocelyn: A skittish Marine Biology student who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time while doing some research. She plays the role of a Medic, offering healing to nearby teammates. However, she has the least health of the bunch. Keeping her safe should be a high priority! 
  • Brett: A mellow surfer dude and beach tennis player who seemed to show up out of nowhere. Despite being a sniper, he uses a beach tennis paddle and a good wrist instead of a rifle. While effective, it's much harder for him to aim if the target is too close.

That's all I've got for now! See you next update, and happy jamming!



aww these are sooo cute!! i love the designs and backgrounds behind them. i've loved a lot of the art that ive seen of this so far on the discord as well! i know there was some difficulty mention earlier--how has the progress on the game been?