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Help !* urgent*

A topic by ZaqLovesBooks created Aug 01, 2017 Views: 334 Replies: 6
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Can somone please help me? I tried to sumbit a game and it seems it can't be submitted or somone wrong with the actuall file i am so confused


Did you get it working? Were you trying to use an existing project or upload new? 

for some reason  it said. Index.html is not found . Its pubilshed snd a new project... i used twine.....if that helps..

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twine games need to be in a zip in order to work iirc. it might be different in twine 2 but in the previous version, you needed to stick the index.html into a zip and upload that. 

did you also check the "make this playable in the browser" box? can you tell us what exactly you tried doing?

i putted it in azip and upload ed it along the mages, music and such. i don't remeber clicking a make this playable in browers 

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does this help you out?

I tried  that and it still says the same thing...