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[devlog] Orpheus

A topic by Stupidzack created Jul 10, 2016 Views: 296 Replies: 9
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Working on a visual novel. Ren'py

Inspired by a greek myth.

Your heart was frail so someone gave you a stronger heart. Now you carry the donors burden: love. To ease your -their- heart you must find the one they loved.

Characters (i guess SPOILER):

  • Hal. Donor. Veteran from the Sayshellian confederation Army.
  • Geisel. Pilot. Died near the end of the war.
  • Michi. Neighbor. Met Hal after Geisel's death. Thinks Hal was crazy.
  • Sitai Miss Me (:D): Pilot. Fought in the same team(?) as Geisel. Knows Hal's intentions.
  • Mr. Bennet. Inventor. Told Hal about the moon myth.
  • Eliseo Von Deer. Musician. Met Hal after Geisel's death. Tried to help him get over it through music.
  • Lamplighter. Lives on the moon. Likes nostalgic melodies. Pretended to be human once to know how love feels.
Still working on their design.

Wrote some stuff yesterday. I'm getting used to Ren'Py. I'm awfully awkward.

Did this image today for the main menu. Feeling proud.


Love the main menu art! Renpy can be a bit tricky sometimes, so good luck!


thank you :D

Jam Host

we need more vns, yessss. gl pal!


whoa this is a really interesting premise! i also rly like the menu art!!

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I still dont get this stuff of devlogs @u@

spend the day doing ONE drawing cuz im awkward

And did some character design and looked for some backgrounds(?)


Took me more time than I thought... (liked how this looked and wanted to share)

Finnaly I'll focus more on writting :D


ohhhh i like how consistent the style of your characters is. thanks for sharing!!


Put some music that gives a sad aura but i like that...

dialogues, text, more dialogues... is written like that? Ah! did some in-game menus and managed to undestand if statements :D

And well, having fun overall. I almost made myself cry.

this feels never ending but the end's by the corner...

Some screenshots:


it's so exciting seeing screenshots for this! i featured this dev log today--keep up the good work! the end is very close aa