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[DevLog] Whimsy Creek - A Farming Sim, with a twist!

A topic by Dreamy Star created Jul 09, 2016 Views: 287 Replies: 5
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Hello! My name is Comicsans, but you can all call me Comic. This game jam, I'm working on an RPG Maker MV game in the style of Harvest Moon called, "Whimsy Creek." I don't have any art to show at the moment, though I'll try to post some here and on my tumblr as I finish character sketches and the like. For now, I'm focusing on the script, plugins, and eventing/common eventing for the farming system. I probably won't be able to implement a mining system in the short time frame of the game jam, and the farm plots will also be limited, but I hope it'll be a fun experience for everyone!

Now, without further ado, here's some more about Whimsy Creek!


You have been contacted by your uncle with the simple request to watch his farm while he handles some business elsewhere for an undetermined amount of time. His farm is located outside of the small town of Whimsy Creek, and it is a realtively cheerful and humble town full of lively characters.

While tending to the farm, will you find love and friendships? And just what is it that keeps making noises in the middle of the night...?


Main Character - A gender neutral character, and a silent protagonist. Their uncle, Henry, asked them to tend to Fields Farm for him while he tended to business outside of the town for an extended amount of time.

Mayor Naana - The elderly mayor of the town. She is friendly and seems to have history with the Main Character's uncle. She always offers to help the Main Character with any questions they may have regarding the town and tending to the farm.

Dirk Samson - The owner of the General store. He's a man of few visible emotions, and seems hard to approach. He mostly communicates with written notes or sign language. He doesn't seem to like the Main Character's uncle very much for one reason or another. He will buy any crops and animal products your have.

King Baker - He runs the local cafe, "Starlight Cafe" with his childhood friend. He often seems to be on the verge of falling asleep, probably due to the long hours he works. King is sweet, but constantly stressed, so he usually ends up coming across as short or just plain exhausted.

Taylor Brewer - The waitress for the cafe, and the owner's childhood friend. She often says that she's his girlfriend, but always changes her tune when he enters the room and laughs it off. She's a bit of a flirt, and seems to enjoy teasing King and the other patrons.

Ari - A mermaid who lives in the lake and will buy fish off of the Main Character. She teaches fishing to the kids and the Main Character, and doesn't seem to think anything is weird about it. She's got a sailor's personality, so she can be a little rough around the edges.

Lyre Eldridge - A local miner and big brother to Laura and Thomas. He's cheerful and energetic and gets fired up easily about mining and rocks in general. He seems to be sweet on a nurse at the hospital, Juliet, and can ramble quite a bit when she's brought up. He is rather immature compared to his sister.

Laura Eldridge - Lyre's little sister and local brat. She isn't all that impressed by rocks like her brother is, and seems more interested in the skeletal remains he finds on his digs. She's cynicle despite her sweet and pampered appearance, and seems to be more mature than her brother.

Thomas Eldridge - Lyre's little brother and Laura's older brother. He's a spunky kid who has good intentions but horrible luck and attitude, so his acts of good-will often come across as just being bratty or ill-intentioned. He cries easily, and usually runs to his sister when he's in trouble.

Juliet Collins - A nurse at the clinic. She's sweet and gentle, with an airheaded personality. She seems oblivious to a lot of things, but has a big heart and is usually the first to respond when someone is hurt or sick. She doesn't seem to notice Lyre's affections for her. The Main Character will purchase medicines from her.

Daniel Groves - The doctor at the clinic, though he's rarely actually seen. He seems distant and a little...odd, so patients don't really like being seen by him even if he is, apparently, a very well-known doctor. He doesn't seem to like people very much, which makes one wonder why he's a doctor at all.

Craig Anderson & Lili Oswald - A pair of locals that work at the general store and the barn respectively. They act more like teenagers than adults, gossiping and whispering about rumors and the like. They seem interested in the oddities of the town, and can sometimes be found snooping around your uncle's farm.


Echo Hailey - He lives outside of town in the forest and doesn't venture into the town unless it's a weekend or festival time. He seems to mostly socialize with animals, and has a rather gloomy personality with a dark sense of humor. Animals seem to be the only living things he has any respect for.

Ophelia Collins - Juliet's sister, and the head of festival planning. She takes every festival very seriously, and seems to be just as oblivious as her sister when it comes to people's affections. She has an innocent and optimistic attitude about things, but can be incredibly competitive when it comes to contests and the like.

Kyuuji - They only arrive in the town once or twice a week, and will sometimes have rare items to sell. They're mysterious and seem to know a lot about everything in Whimsy Creek, though they seem reluctant to let the Main Character in on it. Not a lot is known about them, and no one in the village can really tell the Main Character anything of value about them.

??? - A secret romancible!



  • Farming system (Only 12 crops due to time constrictions)
  • Relationship/friendship system
  • Gift giving system
  • Day/night system


  • Festivals
  • Mining system
  • Fishing system (only one type of fish due to time constrictions)
  • Weather system


  • Some characters may be cut for ease of time and writing.
  • Bios are also not final!
  • Physical sketches of the characters are completed. I'll post digital sketches when they're finished.
  • Not all characters will be available for relationship building due to time and writing.
  • Non-romancible characters will not have facesets, again, for ease due to the time limitation. If I have time after finishing the mechanics, I'll add them.

STATUS (rough estimation): UPDATED

  • Art - 10%
  • Sprites - 5%
  • Script - 10%
  • Plugins - 100%
  • Maps - 1%
  • Music - 20-40%
  • Eventing - 40%
  • GUI - 90%

Wow, this sounds ambitious! I'm a huge fan of farming sims myself, so I'm really looking forward to this one!


i agree^^ this sounds like quite a lot and if you get even a few of these features in you'll definitely have a pretty robust game for a jam. the setting is already really intriguing to me--much more than a lot other town/farm life sims... i'm interested to see this progress. best of luck!

Thank you to Voidling and J! I hope I can pull off at least the farming part of's taken me yesterday and part of today to get even half of that eventing done. //wheezes//

Updated the first post!

I ended up scraping the children for now, because I'm running out of time and don't have the time to make a bunch of kidsjblgjkbfdg.