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Two Brazillian C#/Unity programmers looking for teamates

A topic by nasd9asnd02 created Jun 01, 2017 Views: 208 Replies: 9
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I can speak english, and my teammate can understand a little.

Well, we gonna discuss the idea of the game mostly tomorrow.  We gonna work mostly at Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and casually at weekdays. We already did some games for jams on GameMaker, you can check my portfolio for some work we did:

We are not looking for a specific role to fill, but anyone who love games and also will enjoy the jam.

We can do 2d art, programming in general, I can mix some soundFX and create some music... Also we can do the basic of animation2d and lighting...

We can setup a Discord, Skype, whatever you want. We pretend to work with Unity, but we are open to suggestions!

See ya guys, good luck for everyone!

cheers from a fellow Brazilian coder o/ Good luck in your jam!

Oh thank you, good luck for you too!


Hi, I am brazilian too!

I use unity for a few years and I have some knowledge in programming, but my best is 2D art.

Here I have posted a few of my works in free time:

I want to join in this jam to gain experience in a real project and with a team. I can work in weekends and, sometimes, in weekdays, just like you.

I'll be waiting. Good luck!

hi marcos! I posted a while ago looking for a 2D artist. if you have spare time from working with fsofme, we would gladly accept your help too! hit us at our server:


Hey, vauron. I will try to do what I can. I will join the chat today at afternoon. See you there!

Hey Marcos, we'd love your presence, we gonna discuss the theme tomorrow, but we're thinking something using a real mirror... Like you have to look at a mirror image of your monitor to play the game properly. What do you think? Can we count on you to discuss it tomorrow? See ya, good night!

Wow! That's look really interesting. I'm in!


I had to send this for you... Sorry, jokes aside.

Huhauhaua it touched my heart