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Where to find help

A topic by JoeStrout created 30 days ago Views: 135
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I hope you're all enjoying Mini Micro and creating cool stuff for the jam!  There's still more than 10 days to go, so plenty of time to work on your game.

But what if you run into some difficulty?  Don't worry, help is available!


Usually the fastest way to get help is via our Discord server.  I'm hanging out there most of the day every day, and there are other users there with some pretty mad skills.  We're all happy to help each other out.


If forums are more your style, then the MiniScript forums are the place to go.  They don't see as much activity these days as the discord server, but I do monitory them and would be delighted to see more discussions there.  The great thing about forums, unlike Discord, is that the content sticks around and gets indexed by search engines, so people from the future can find it and learn from it too.

You can also post your questions right here, in the jam community pages on  I'll watch for those and get back to you as soon as I can.

Self Help

Finally, if you want to find your own answers, there are resources for that!  Any questions about the MiniScript language itself are probably covered by the one-page MiniScript Quick Reference.  And if not there, then you'll certainly find what you need in the MiniScript Manual.  You can also find lots of high-quality code examples over at Rosetta Code.

If it's not about the language per se, but about Mini Micro and all its built-in functionality (sprites, pixel graphics, sound, keyboard/mouse/gamepad input, etc.), then look on the Mini Micro Cheat Sheet.

And in either case, don't neglect the MiniScript Wiki, which has pages on almost everything in MiniScript and Mini Micro, including a nice set of how-to articles.