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Who are you? A bubble? Why? If that's a joke - then you have bad sense of humor...
Submitted by FXG (@xzenforever), exiphase — 2 hours, 30 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#972.5983.000

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
2, &

Software used
FXG - Eclipse IDE, LibGDX game engine, Paint.NET | exiphase - Paint.NET, FL Studio

Use of the limitation
Main character can attack enemies, dashing them by himself

Cookies eaten
0, and 42 hours of tense mood

How was your experience with Mini Jam?
We totally screwed up using the libGDX. Maybe will fix and release game in future after gamejam. I'm very upset that it turned out this way...

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Cool game.

1, I could not get past the tutorial because even when I dashed, the tiles would not break.

2, There should be sound.

Besides that, cool game.

I would be very happy if you would play my game.


Hello, thanks for feedback
I'm not sure you was trying to break right tiles, because we tested all before uploading update

About music, we have music but music was too loud at start and we just decreased volume, and if you was play with low volume on pc, i think you won't hear music

Thanks again, will check your game, ok!


Maybe it’s too short, but I’m really surprised that you made it in two days. BUT! As someone said already, controls are feeling really good, but too bad there is no way to use arrows instead, or use space for dashing. That’s the only reason why controls were not perfect for me. Also I had some rendering issues (vertical lines between tiles), but that’s not that critical tho. About soundtrack: it’s just awesome, can’t really say more about it. I’m literally writing that comment while standing in the middle of boss fight room. Too bad there is no title screen, because soundtrack in here is really awesome too c:

About downsides thought, there is not that much. As I said already, it’s kinda difficult to control with keys being too close to each other, adding support for arrow keys or alternate dashing may help. Also hitbox of bubble is a little weird, maze took me a while to get through. There is also small hole in the first room of boss area (5th tile on right side), but it’s fine

Overall, 9/10 for that short development time. Good job, exi & fxg. Hope there will be at least something in future! 73


Sad that you weren't able to complete the game, sometimes the bugs just end up winning... What you had tho was great, the story, the soundtrack, the art, heck, the player movement felt good

Hoping you're able to fix whatever the problem was with the rendering issues and such if you continue the project. Good luck


Maybe, but!

WE FIXED IT, AND RELEASED WHAT WE WANT! Please try released version and say something about that!
Thanks for your feedback!


Played the newer version. and yeah it was brilliant! The music really is all incredible, the SFX just as much. Gameplay was fun, especially like the dashing into a wall to break it mechanic. 

Sadly wasn't able to figure out how to beat the final boss after 2 attempts and left it. Which brings on my only main problem. There should really be a respawn button or at least a game restart option. Having to quit the game and reopen it to retry the entire game was eh.

Ignoring that, great game overall!


Thanks for feedback!
I will add 2 tries a bit later, thanks again!


it's a shame there were really good ideas, good music and good graphics :(

gg anyway for the game  assets which are frankly well done !


thanks man


We fixed the product! Please try the new version!


Love the sounds and the way the bubble zoom game is done really well, I'm glad your team was able to complete the project even though it's almost a day late, ah and by the way, what do you want to say the easter eggs "Happy Birthday Maxim"? (I modified my rating to match the new version don't worry about that xD)


My brother have a birthday today, just made an easter egg for him(sended photo to him already :b)


Ah, I understand better now, it was difficult to guess xD