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beginner looking for a team

A topic by stingray created Jun 07, 2021 Views: 314 Replies: 10
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hi, i am a beginner in unity and c# and i am looking for a team. i will really appreciate it if someone will join me for this jam :)


Hi! this is my 4th jam! I'm a pixel-artist and I only use unity ^^' I will appreciate if you can help me code a cool game for this jam ^^ here is my discord : Lifesteal#1110


Hello I am Really really new and i have done some games of my own and wanted to join a JAM

and i am sure i wouldn't be able to do it on my own

so can i join you guys????#

my discord 

hi @Lifesteal i loved your games and would want to know how do you make 2d pixel art sprites?


Hi! I use "Asesprite" to make the tiles (I work in tilesheets) and extra misc. And for character, animations, animated objects I use "Piskel", add me on discord, I  will be happy to help ^^  (I don't see your discord ^^')


Oh i am really sorry my discord account is --> lalithpower#7668

I code in python and c# but i don't use a game engine. How about we team up?

Hi I Am new in unity and c# so i want someone to help me with the jam game so that i can learn too 


I think we can coop

ya sure can you tell your discord



sorry for not responding to you but i had to handle my exam, so I couldn't join you