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Entries from other jams ?

A topic by mciric created Jul 17, 2018 Views: 46 Replies: 1
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Hi I'm the host for a recurring game jam called The Fire Jam.
It has come to my attention that some participants submit a game to multiple jams without even looking at the said jams themes/limitations.
How do you feel about this ? Do you as game jam hosts allow that kind of stuff ?
Because I feel like it defeats the purpose of a jam,  the Fire Jam is fairly new so I'm not sure how to react to this.
I have disqualified  a game that was posted to the Fire Jam #3 and to 5 other jams (including your jam) that happened to be hosted in the same time.

Jam Host

Hello Mciric. Honestly we don't want to accept games from other jams. 

There was a loophole in our rules that allowed people to post games from other jams into Mini Jam. We Clearly saw what happened with that (Next jams rules have already been proved to be loophole free). In our opinion, we think that you should remove games that have either been submitted to other jams, or don't follow the limitations.

However, Mini Jam is purely just a game jam for the fun of it, and we try to be loose with our rules.