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A downloadable game.
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A downloadable game.
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A browser game made in HTML5.
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Springtime (Jam version webgl).zip Play in browser
A browser game made in HTML5.
Plant flowers as a little robot! made for the Ludus Ex Machina game jam controls: - wasd or arrow keys to move - m to mute - hold jump to jump higher credits: - graphics generated using VQGAN+CLIP (sflckr library) - game idea prompt generat...
A downloadable game for Windows and Linux.
Frontline wars is a simple battler where line order matters. Pick from 8 different characters and fight against the enemy in turn style combat. All the characters where inspired by AI art (which you can find by going to the index in game an...
A downloadable game.
A game of lost memories, lost hope, and lost technology. You are part of a team sent out to investigate a structure known only as the Library. It harks back to the AI Dominion and a golden age where humanity enjoyed endless pleasure but liv...
DeReel rated a game 168 days ago
A downloadable game.

Carta-like exploration within a mutated setting.

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