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馃グ Updates from the teams!

A topic by Esben Kran created Sep 30, 2022 Views: 93 Replies: 3
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Post any updates you'd like to share with the other groups! Fun perspectives, interesting outputs, memes, and much more.


Here in the physical lair, it's now 9PM and we have two teams working together - one of 3 people and one of 5 people. They've been mostly experimenting with the Playground and getting a feel for the GPT-3 models -- a very good strategy! Go on a very weird date with your model to get to know it better ;))


Would love to see how you're working as well!


We have 4 in our online team. Theresa, Richard, Victor, and Chris. 

We're working to narrow down ideas so that we can pick one of two general areas > 

  • We would like to see if we can extend the concepts from Chain of Thought Prompting to tell us meaningful things about alignment.
  • We're also exploring some other cognitive biases to see if they would show inverse scaling problems.