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A jam submission

A Games-as-Art Reading List from the Undergraduate ArtistView project page

How to derail a degree in just 12 easy texts
Submitted by Juniper-C (@Junipurr_C) — 11 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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A Games-as-Art Reading List from the Undergraduate Artist's page

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This is super awkward but I can't figure out how to make it past the title? The idea sounds great, and we've all been there ("we" participants in an jam, at least) at some point in our lives, I figure, and I'd love to read these recs and how they relate to the themes!

Developer (1 edit)

So there should be a small "begin" button just to the left of the image but predictably now im loading it on my laptop rather than desktop that button isn't there without going fullscreen. Probably an issue with screen sizes. Will updated it so the title is one big start button as a backup as soon as i get back to my desk. In the meantime try going fullscreen or re-sizing the window.

Submitted (1 edit)

thank you thank you, I'll try that or at worst wait for the update whenever! ETA fullscreen did the trick but I ran into the same issue on the following page: the text went further down than my screen could reach and I couldn't scroll...


Ok, that is very strange. I always thought twine auto-generated that kind of scroll bar. I'm back at my desk now for a few hours so ill see about getting an updated version that's more generally accessible for smaller displays up.


Updated version should be live! If you still have problems reading all the content feel free to give me a shout, if I can fix it I will. 

 If all else fails I'm going to try and get a nice-enough plain text version ready as a backup.


I'll report for the sake of reporting that I still couldn't scroll down to the end of the text, but with the new buttons up top allowing me to change page I could still ofc ctrl+a and copypaste to a txt file to read each page, so since I'm apparently the only one who's having these issues, I'm now all read up and happy as a clam, thank you very much, it's super interesting!  Several recs jotted down for future reference. And hey, Remembering Route Zero is yours? Love that zine with all my heart too!


Oh wow, small world! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Shoot me a message if you ever want a version of the PDF formatted for printing.